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Purpose of Juvenile Law

To serve the best interest of the minor while providing protection and safety to the public by:

-imposing a sense of responsibility on minor
-remove minors from parent custody
-provide guidance
-protecting public from criminal conduct



-at the risk of physical and emotional abuse or neglect
-in need of immediate medical care or shelter



Status Offender
-habitually truant and refusing to obey reasonable order or rules of school or authority
*commits offenses that are legal for adults but illegal for minors



Wards of the court
-participates in criminal activity


Miranda Warning

-Must admonish all juveniles taken into custody wether you interrogate them or not
-must obtain a waiver if you do plan to interrogate


When admonishment is not required

-history of being abused or neglected and are at immediate risk of physical or emotional harm
-are at risk because of their physical environment
-hospitalized and released to guardians who pose a immediate danger to minor
-found in street and suffering from sickness or injury requiring medical care
-stopped for general questioning


Time for temporary custody

Minors can be detained in a facility that also contains a lockup for adults for no longer than 6 hours to:
-investigate the case
-facilitate release of minor
-arrange for transfer


Secure Detention

Minor being held in temporary custody in a law enforcement facility is locked up in a room or enclosure
-may or may not be restrained by cuffs
*14 years or older
-may be secured outside of a room if needed, staff must be present at all times


Supervision while in secure detention

-direct supervision by Co
-within hearing distance
-must visually check every 30 min


Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Committing any act or omitting the performance of any duty which causes or encourages a minor to come under 300' 601, or 602