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Possession of a Prohibited Weapon

-any person who manufactures
-or causes to be manufactured
-imports into the state
-sells, offers, exposes, keeps, gives, lends
-any weapon that is prohibited


Rifles and shot guns

Are prohibited weapons if the overall length is more than 26"
-Shotgun barrel: no longer than 18"
-Rifle barrel: no longer than 16"


Unrecognizable/Undetectable Firearms

Felony (prohibited)
-pen gun
-belt buckle gun
-can gun
-wallet gun


Blade weapons

Felony (prohibited)
-ballistic knife (propelled by coil or spring)
-undetectable knife
-Unrecognizable blade


Dirk or dagger

Felony (prohibited)
-mere possession is not a crime, it has to be concealed to be a crime


Striking Weapons

Felony (prohinited)
-metal knuckles
-leaded cane
-slung shot


Other Prohibited weapons

-multi burst trigger activator (possession alone is a crime)
-large capacity magazines


Switch blade knife

Any person who possesses
-on ones person,
-in a vehicle in a public place,
-sells, offers/exposes for sale
-loans or gives away
-a switchblade longer than 2"
*not a crime on private property


Tear gas

Any person who knowingly possesses, sells, offers, transports, any prohibited tear gas or tear gas weapon except when otherwise permitted
*if used for any reason other than self defense it's a felony


Permitted use of Tear Gas

-in an aerosol spray form of no more than 2.5 ounces

May Never Have Tear Gas If:
-convicted felon or crime involving assault
-addicted to narcotics
-attempt sell of product
-under 16
-under 17 w/o parent consent and parent present


Carrying a loaded firearm

is a Misdemeanor

It is a felony if :
-prior felony convictions
-knew it was stolen
-gang member
-is not in lawful possession
-convicted of crime against person/property
-not the registered owner


Altering Id marks on a firearm

-making any ID changes to firearm without approval from DOJ
(Ex. Name of make, model, manufacturers number)
*ok to add numbers but never remove

*knowledge of change and buying, selling, receiving, disposing of is a Misdemeanor


Concealable firearm

Any device designed to be used as a weapon that has a barrel less than 16"
*even if it is not concealed if it meets these elements it is considered a concealable weapon



Carry Concealed weapon
-individuals must prove they are residents
-of good moral character
-good cause exist to be issued a license
-completed specified training


Exemptions to a CCW

If you are over 18 and reside in CA and are not prohibited by law (convicted felon etc) you may WITHOUT a permit
-purchase, own, carry, or conceal a legally concealable weapon in your
-or on private property


Transporting firearm without CCW

-locked in trunk
-in a locked container
-being carried to or from vehicle in a locked container for a lawful purpose


Juveniles convicted of violent offenses

May not own, possess, have custody or control any firearm until the age of 30


Probationers and people under restraining orders

May not posses friearm


Persons convicted of specified misdemeanors

Assualt, battery, adw, spousal abuse, stalking
-may not posses a firearm within 10 years of the conviction


School safety zone

Its a felony to posses a firearm in a school zone without written permission from the school district superintendent

-residence or business not apart of the school
Within 1000 feet
-or unloaded firearm locked in a secure location or trunk of vehicle
-peace officers, military on duty,

*playgrounds/youth center


Unlawful possession of a concealable firearm

is a Misdemeanor

It is a felony if :
-prior felony convictions
-knew it was stolen
-gang member
-is not in lawful possession
-convicted of crime against person/property
-not the registered owner
-ammunition is in immediate possession
-must be concealed


Drawing, exhibiting, or unlawful use of a deadly weapon (not a firearm)

Is a misdemeanor if done in any other way than for self defense
*injury or assault not required


Drawing or exhibiting or unlawful use of a firearm (misdemeanor)

Any person while in the presence of another draws or exhibits for any reason other than self defense in a rude, angry or threatening manner is a misdemeanor
-driver or owner who permits a person to carry or bring into a vehicle is a misdemeanor
-imitation firearm


Drawing and exhibiting or unlawful use of a firearm (felony)

-grounds of any day care center is a felony
-in the presence of a peace officer is a felony
-in a motor vehicle on a public street


Laser Scopes

Laser scope and laser pointer
-any person who aims, points, except in self defense in a threatening manner with intent to cause fear
*doesnt have to be attached


Unlawfully discharging a firearm

Recklessly discharging a firearm and disregarding the safety of others is a FELONY