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Therapist- Assisted Exercise for Combine Hip & Knee Flexion & Extension PROM

Pt supine.
Use the proximal hand to support the posterior distal thigh and the distal hand to support the posterior leg. Slowly bring the hip and knee into combine flexion providing OP as needed. Return back to extension. During the movement the proximal hand moves from the posterior thigh to the knee. Move the distal hand from posterior to anterior to apply OP.


Therapist-Assisted Exercise for Combine Hip & Knee Extension AAROM.

Performed as for PROM. The instruction is for the pt to perform as much of the movement as possible w/ assistance from the therapist.


Manually Resisted Hip and Knee Flexion.

Pt in supine.
Distal Hand: Provides resistance to knee flexion (at the ankle).
Proximal Hand: Provide resistance to hip flexion at the anterior thigh.


Manually Resisted Hip and Knee Extension

Pt supine.
Distal Hand: Plantar surface of the foot, cupping the calcaneus.
Instruction: Push foot towards far wall.
Proximal Hand: Moves to posterior thigh to provide resistance to terminal knee extension.


Therapist-Assisted Hip Flexion and Extension

Pt in supine.
1 hand at distal leg and 1 hand posterior thigh. Slowly bring the hip into flexion, rotating your hand as you go through ROM.
Be sure you are in a stride stance.
PROM: Pt relax.
AROM: Pt assists as much as possible.


Therapist-Assisted Hip Abd/Add

Pt in supine.
Therapist support pt leg just above the ankle and thigh just above the knee.
Make sure thigh does not IR/ER during movement.
Position feet to go through ROM w/ minimal Steps.


Therapist-Assisted Hip IR/ER

Pt in supine w/ hip and knee 90 degrees.
No OP: Support pt limbs w/ therapist's hands during movement (1 distal leg and 1 at the knee.
OP: Reposition hands, use ROM Op movement. (Apply pressure w/ trunk so to minimize stress at the pt knee).


Crook Lying Hip:

What are the combined mvts?

Place 1 hand on knee and other hand on the hip to stabilize pelvis. Bring knee towards midline.

Place 1 hand on knee and other hand on opposite hip to stabilize pelvis. Bring knee away from midline.


Manually Resisted Hip Flex/Ext

Pt in supine.
Concentric: Pt starts in extension. Pht provides resistance to flexion w/ 1 hand at the ankle and 1 hand ant thigh above the knee.
Eccentric: Pt starts in flexion. Pht pulls into extension by provide resistance at the knee and ankle.

Concentric: Pt starts in flexion. Pht provides resistance to extension w/ 1 hand cupping the calcaneus and 1 hand provides resistance at the posterior thigh (terminal hip extension).


Manually Resisted Hip Abduction/Adduction

Pt in supine.
Hip Abduction:
Concentric: 1 hand med ankle 1 hand lat thigh pht provides resistance to pt Abduction.
Eccentric: Same hand position. Pt resists as therapist pushes the hip back into adduction.

Hip Adduction:
Concentric: Begin in abduction. Pht provides resistance to pt adduction at the medial knee.
Eccentric: Same hand position. Pt resists as pht pulls in abduction.


Manually Resisted Hip IR/ER

Pt in supine, hip and knee flexed to 90 degrees. Therapist uses hands to hug thigh to chest to provide resistance.

Easiest for the therapist to do the movement and ask the pt to provide resistance (i.e. don't let me move you).


Manual Resistance: Crook Lying

Hip Abd/ER
1 hand stabilizes opposite pelvis. Other hand provides resistance to outward movement at the knee.

Hip Add/IR
1 hand stabilizes the pelvis. Other hand provides resistance to inward movement at the knee.

Can be done concentrically (as above) or eccentrically.