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What is a mood stabilizer?

- intervention effective in treating acute mania and depression


What phases of illness can mood stabilizers treat?

- acute depression
- acute mania
- acute mixed state
- maintenance [prevention depression and mania]


What are pharmacokinetics of lithium?

- GI absorption
- not protein bound
- not metabolized
- filtered at glomerulus and reabsorbed by prox tubule
- excreted in urine
- 1/2 life 20-24 hrs [reaches stead state plasma level 4-5 days]


Which drugs affect lithium excretion?

increase excretion: carb anhydrase inhibitors, osmotic diuretics

decrease excretion: lasix, NSAIDS, tetracycline, cyclosporine, ACE inhibitors


What are side effects of lithium?

lithium --> movement [tremor], Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, hypOthyroidism, Pregnancy problems

- effect on tubular function, glomerulus, lithium induced nephropathy


How do you treat lithium tox?

stop drug, give IV hydration
may need dialysis


What is goal blood level for lithium?

blood level = 0.6-1.2 mEq/L for mania; 0.4-0.8 for augmentation

check level + renal + thyroid function every 6-12 mo