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What does it mean that DSM5 classification is categorical not dimensional?

= pt either meets diagnostic criteria for disorder or not --> rather than dimensional would allow all individuals to be placed somewhere on spectrum from normal to abnormal


What is problem of validity of psych disorders?

- they're based on symptoms not specific structural or functional brain abnormality
- we do know they are strongly heritable


What are the types of psych disorders?

- psychoses
- mood and anxiety disorder
- cognitive/neurodevelopmental
- behavioral
- somatic symptom disorders
- personality disorders


What causes psych disorders?

likely multifactorial = combo of brain dysfunction; genetics; environmental; derailed motivation/desire


What is behavior therapy?

pts repeatedly exposed to dreaded stimulus in order to prevent similar negative response in future


What is cognitive therapy?

pts review evidence in order to learn to think differently


What is interpersonal therapy?

pts learn to adapt to new role


Psychiatric Disorders

a) are not the product of diseases
b) do not cause death
c) are “psychological” thus not “neurological”
d) are illnesses of unknown etiology

Which is true?

d. illnesses of unknown etiology


- The most common psychiatric disorders are Mood Disorders.
- Psychoses are rare.
- Only those with Schizophrenia are Psychotic
- Many more adults than children have psychiatric disorders

False --> anxiety disorders are most common


False --> bipolar, substance abuse psychosis, etc

False --> rates in children approx equal to adults


- All antidepressants do the same thing biologically.
- ECT causes brain damage and should only be given rarely.
- Psychotherapy can be curative even for some severe disorders, like PTSD and OCD.
- Most psychiatric patients don’t get well.
- Most psychiatric disorders are treated by psychiatrists.

False = act in different ways

False = causes memory disorders [retrograde 15-20 min before you get the ECT] but it usually comes back. causes usually reversible brain changes but not brain damage.

False = on the whole get better but not curative

False = 10-15% by psychiatrists; 10-15% by other psych professionals but most of the rest are primary care