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What are the components of blood plasma?

-water 90% of plasma is water
-plasma proteins= actual function


What are the proteins in blood plasma?

-globulins (alpha, beta and gamma)


What is the function of albumins in the blood plasma?

-most abundant plasma protein
-bind many substances for transport through the plasma and contribute most to the colloid osmotic pressure


What is the function of fibrinogen in the blood plasma?

key factor in the blood clotting process


What is the function of globulins in the blood plasma?

-transporters- specific alpha and beta globulins bind and transport substances in the plasma
-clotting agents- many of the factors involved in blood clotting are alpha or beta globulins
-inactivators- inactive proteins that are precursors of hormones and need to be activated by a signal are alpha globulins
-immune effectors- gamma globulins are the immunoglobulins(antibodies) which are crucial in defense mechanism


What is the shape and internal structure of the red blood cells?

biconcave disk= bigger surface to volume area= can carry more oxygen
-no nucleus


What do red blood cells transport?

heamoglobin= which carries oxygen
also act as a buffer against changes in pH due to carbonic anyhydrase


Where are red blood cells broken down?

in the spleen/ liver
-spleen is also the reservoir of red blood cells for when they're needed in exercise etc


How long is a red blood cell's life and why?

-quite short varies across species 25-160 days


Where are blood cells made?

-bone marrow
-has pluripotent cells that divide and produce blood cells
-in red blood cells get rid of intracell