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What does LNG stand for?



What is Yuzpe Regimen?

Two doses of estrogen 0.1 mg with norgestrel 1.0mg
12 hours apart
First dose within 120 hours of unprotected sex (5 days)


What are the advantages of EC combination pill?

75% of unintended prengancies prevented
-increased incidence of side effects due to high estrogen component
Nausea and vomiting


What is levonorgestrel?

Plan B
Single dose


What is Ella?

Ulipristal Acetate
A progesterone receptor modulator whose likely main effect is to INHIBIT or DELAY ovulation
Taken as single dose
120 hours after sex
-nausea, requires prescription


How do you dose oral contraceptives?

Dose started high for efficacy
Lower does of EE (ethinyl estradiol) and progestin have synergistic effects on pituitary inhibition
Lowered to improve safety and decreased side effects


What is EE?

Ethinyl estradiol
Orally bioactive estrogen used in oral contraceptive pills
Synthetic estrogen


What are symptoms with traditional oral contraceptive?

1. Pelvic pain
2. headaches
3. breast tenderness
4. bloating/swelling
5. use of pain meds
Symptoms felt during the hormone free days


What are recent innovations of hormonal contraception?

1. Contraceptive Patch
2. Vaginal Ring
3. Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System
4. Implanon


What are the characteristics of contraceptive patch?

Norgestimate + 20 mcg EE
Weekly application and comparable to OCPs
Application site reactions
Higher risk of breast pain, not effective with obese and visible on skin


What are the characteristics of vaginal ring?

Efficacy comparable to OCPs
Etonogestrel + 15 mcg EE
-3 weeks
-coital problem may lead to discontinuation
-lower rate of breakthrough bleeding


What are the characteristics of the Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System?

EXTREMELY effective
20 mcg of Levonorgestrel/24 hours
Stays in place to 5 years
-increases thickness of cervical mucus
-requires professional insertion and can change bleeding pattern
Progestin only
T-shaped device


What are the characteristics of Implanon/Explanon?

Extremely effective
Use of Etonogestrel
Effective immediately and rapid return to fertility
3 years of protection
Contains NO estrogen
Goes into skin in upper arm


What are LARC methods?

Long-Acting REVERSIBLE Contraceptive methods
Examples: Mirena, IUS, Implanon, Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System


What are risks of birth control?

Increased death
Increased CVD mortality


Why does lecturer not give a shit about oral contraceptive side effects?

Because she argues that pregnancy is much riskier
Doesn’t address the fact that we can just use barrier methods….


If woman has preexisting medical conditions, what should we do for contraception?

We should use LARC because pregnancy is more dangerous to OCP


What is the association between OCPs and endometrial cancer?

OCPs decrease risk of endometrial cancer