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what are the 4 joints of the shoulder girdle?

• Clavicle and sternum = sternoclavicular joint
• Cavicle and scapula = acromioclavicular joint
• Scapula and humerus = glenohumeral joint
• Scapula and thorax = Scapulothoracic “joint”


what is protraction? shoulder e.g.
what is retraction? shoulder e.g.

abduction - slumping
adduction - shoulder blades together


where are the serratus anterior?

upper ribs


what are the four muscles of the rotator cuff?

teres minor


factors that inhibit flexibility in gomukhasana (cow face pose)

internal rotation of the shoulder muscles which include - pectorlais major, lats, anterior deltoid, subscapularis and teres major


factors that inhibit flexibility in urdvha danurasana?

if not flipping grip: external rotation and extension

if flipping grip:external rotation and flexion
infraspinatus, posterior deltoid, teres minor


revolved side angle with bind what inhibits the pose?

to stabilise humeral head - rotator cuff
to internally rotate shoulder and prevent protraction - subscapularis, anterior deltoid
to extend arm back - teres major, posterior deltoid, latissimus dorsi
to extend shoulder and elbow - tricepps brachii


tennis elbow explain

repetitive strain injury of the lateral epidondylitis or medial condylitis if golfers elbow.
Symptoms - pain
yoga - avoid weight bearing on while painful


carpal tunnel explain

caused by compression of one of the nerves that controls movement in the hands / fingers.

causes a tingling sensation, numbness and sometimes pain in the hand and fingers.

yoga - use props such as chair, wall, wedge block or rolled mat as takes weight off wrists into knuckles - correct hand alignment in poses like down dog not cupping hands - decrease extension and weight bearing


rotator cuff injuries

vulnerable place as high degree of movement in shoulder

pain in shoulder is common symptom

number of injuries can occur

strengthen rotator cuffs - plank lifting shoulders - cat cow lifting shoulders - dolphin


side plank factors inhibiting stability

to maintain the scapula position on the rib cage requires the serratus anterior
to stabilise and protect the shoulder joint requires the rotator cuff
to abduct the shoulder requires the deltoid


plank pose factors inhibiting stability

to prevent scapular winging - serratus anterior
to stabilise and protect shoulder joint - rotator cuff, deltoid
to resist ectension of shoulder created by pull of gravity - pectoralis major and minor


down dog pose factors inhibiting stability

to upwardly rotate and abduct scapula on rib cage - serratus anterior
to stabilise shoulder joint - rotator cuff
to flex shoulder - deltoid, biceps