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location of the female breast

deep to skin, superficial to thoracic cavity; superior border: 2nd rib, inferior border: 6th rib, medial border: sternum, lateral border: midaxillary line


location of male nipple

fourth intercostal space, midclavicular line


underlying muscle of breast

pectoralis major and minor, part of serratus anterior, external obliques


arteries of breast

lateral thoracic artery, branches of internal thoracic artery, posterior intercostals


veins of breast

intercostal, internal thoracic, axiallary


innervation of breast

branches of intercostal nerve


lobes of breast (mammary glands)

15-25 lobes (each a compound alveolar gland), lobes separated by adipose tissue and suspended by connective tissue (suspensory ligaments of the breast)


lactiferous glands (mammary glands)

acini/alveoli linked with milk-secreting simple cuboidal epithelium, directed towards lactiferous sinuses, latiferous ducts of lobes open at nipples


areola-ring of pigmented skin around nipple

sebaceous gland produce sebum during nursing, smooth muscle present to make nipple erect


anterior surface of thorax

palpate: sternum (3 parts), jugular notch, sternal angle (2nd rib), clavicle, costal margin, xiphosternal joint; midclavicular line; midaxillary line


posterior surface of thorax

palpate: spinous process of c7, scapula (ribs 2-7): scapular spine, acromion process, inferior angle of spine, inferior border