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Criteria for schizophrenia

2 more of the following sympotms x 1 month; but overall must have disturbancse for 6 months

Positive sx -- dellusions, hallucinations, d/o speech, d/o behavior

negative sx -- alogia, avolition, flat affect


other sx of schizophrenia

common first sign

Comon first line -- social withdrawal

other sx -- relationship problems, cognitive problems

overall very heterogeneous


what is schizoaffective s/o

mixed btw BP and SChizo

a combination of BP d/o and schizo
-- delusions or hallucinations for greater than 2 weeks, without mood symptoms
-- mood symptoms when present, are overall present for majority of total duration (pervasive mood sx)


what is hte Modified dopamine hypothesis

how does it relate to positive and negative sx

• Positive symptoms may be mediated by dopamine excess in limbic regions

Negative symptoms may be mediated by hypodopaminergic in prefrontal areas


course and development of schizo --

age of onset
how long does it last ?
suicide risk ?
negative prognostic factors ?

16-14 yo
many kids during transition to college
life long but episodic
20x suicide risk (5-6% of patients)

negative factors: early onset, insiduous onset, autism, poor support and social symtms


• Treatment approaches

• Antipsyhcotic meds

• Psychosocial treatments
• Social skills training
• Family psychosocial intervention

Supoorted employment