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what disease is caused by mutations in DNA helicase

Werners syndrome - premature ageing
bloom syndrome - rare cancer


what does the sliding clamp do

increases processivity of DNA polymerase
clamp loader and SC encircle DNA like a nut and bolt to help0 DNA polymerase move foreward


what do single stranded binding proteins do

unlock hairpins straghtening out SSDNA


what do topoisomers do

topoisomer 1 - cuts and reseals one strand - no ATP
topoisomer 2 - cuts and reseals both -ATP
helps prevent tension that would cause tangling


what is in the Pre replicative complex

helicase loading proteins Cdc6 and Cdt1
Origin recognition complexhelicase Mcm2-7 binds


what fixes gaps caused by RNA primase on l;agging strand

telomerase repliocates TTAGGG over and over so no important coding info is lost