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Medial head: distal medial condyle of femur
Lateral head: upper PL surface of lateral condyle
I: calcaneous via calcaenous tendon
I: tibial nerve (S1, S2)
A: flexes knee, plantar flexes foot



O: lateral supracondylar line of femur and oblique popliteal ligament of knee
I: calcaneous via calcaneaous tendon
I: tibial nerve
A: flexes knee and plantar flexes foot



solar line and medial boarder of tibia
I: calcaneous via calcareous tendon
I: tibial nerve
A: plantar flexes foot



O: medial side of tibial
I: plantar surfaces of bases of detail phalanx of lateral 4 toes
i: tibial nerve
A: flexes 4 toes



O: lateral femoral condyle
i: posterior surface of medial condyle
i: tibial nerve
A: stabilizes knee joint
- lateral rotation of tibia on femur
unlocks knee on fixed tibia



o: posterior surface of fibula and IO membrane
i: plantar aspect of great toe
i: tibial nerve:
o: flexes great toe


tibialis posterior

o: posterior surface of interosseous membrane and adjacent regions of tibia and fibula
i: MAINly to tuberosity of navicular
i: tibial nerve
A: inverts foot and plantarflexes , support medial arch


fibulas longus

O: upper lateral surface of fibula, head of fibula and occasionaly the lateral condyle
i: undersurface of lateral side of distal end of medial cuneiform and base of 1st metatarsal
i: superficial fibular nerve
A: eversion


fibular brevis

O: lower third of lateral surface of shaft of fibula
i: lateral tubercle of base of metatarsal V
I: superficial fibular nerve
A: eversion


tibialis anterior

O: lateral surface of tibial and adjacent IO membrane
I: medial cuneiform and adjacent surfaces on base of 1st metatarsal
i: deep fibular nerve (L4-5)
a: inversion of foot, DORSIFLEXION of foot, medial arch support


extensor hallicus longus

O: middle 1/3 of FIBULA and IO membrane
I: dorsal surface of bade of distal phalanx of greater tow
I: deep fibular nerve
A: extends big toe, dorsiflexion of foot



o: proximal one half of medial surface of fibula and related lateral surface of tibia
I: dorsal digital expansions into bases and middle phalanges of lateral four toes
I: deep fibular nerve ( L5, S1)
A: extension of lateral four toes and dorsiflexion of foot


fibulas teritus

o: distal part of medial surface of fibula
i: dorsomedial surface of base of metatarsal V
I; deep fibular nerve
A: dorsiflex and eversion