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Consumer notice shall contain

-the requirement for release of corrective lens prescriptions (spectacle and a contact lens).
-contain information indicating that SBO regulates practice of optometry and complaints and grievances may be directed to the SBO.


Prescription expiration guidelines

Spec: no less than two to four years
Contact lens: no less than 1-2 years.


Expired prescription may be filled if....

-Spectacles are lost, broken, or damaged
-the person dispensing shall recommend that the patient return for an eye examination and provide the prescriber with a written notification of the prescription that was filled


A seller may sell contact lenses only in accordance with a contact lens prescription for the patient that is:

(1) Presented to the seller by the patient or prescriber directly or by facsimile (fax)
(2) Verified by direct communication.


In the case of a private label contact lens, what information is needed on prescription ?

-the name of the manufacturer,
-trade name of the private label brand, and, if applicable,
-trade name of equivalent brand name.


A prescriber shall retain professional discretion regarding the release of which contact lenses.

(1) Rigid gas permeables.
(2) Bitoric gas permeables.
(3) Bifocal gas permeables.
(4) Keratoconus lenses.
(5) Custom designed lenses that are manufactured for an individual patient and are not mass produced.


Additional fee charged by prescriber can be for

-verifying ophthalmic goods dispensed by another seller if the additional fee is imposed at the time the verification is performed.


Oral prescriptions must be confirmed in writing by the dispenser prior to delivery of lenses.



Shatter-resistant lenses include

case-hardened lenses, laminated glass, resin lenses, or other shatter-resistant materials


Right to dispense, sell or furnish prescription lenses at retail is limited to .

licensed physician and surgeon, optometrist and registered dispensing optician


The practice that represent CL may be obtained without confirmation of a valid prescription or to offer for sale plano contact lenses.

shall be considered deceptive marketing practice


Who can adjust spectacle lenses or contact lenses other than ODs

-Only a registered spectacle lens or contact lens dispenser or
-an individual under the direct responsibility and supervision (present on premises) of a registered dispenser


After completing the fitting of CL, a RDO registered CL dispenser must direct patient to return to prescriber for evaluation after how many days



How many trainee a registered contact lens dispenser can supervise.

No more than three



The State Department of Public Health, the State Board of Optometry and the Division of Licensing and Division of Medical Quality of theMedical Board of California


What other information does the seller needs to verify with direct communication with the prescriber other than patient's full name, address, contact lens power, manufacturer and parameters

-The quantity of lenses ordered;
-The date of patient request;
-The date and time of verification request;
-The name of a contact person at the seller's company, including facsimile and telephone numbers; and
-the prescriber's regular Saturday business hours.


A prescription is confirmed if any of the following occurs

(1) The prescriber confirms the prescription is accurate by direct communication with the seller;
(2) The prescriber informs the seller through direct communication that the prescription is inaccurate and provides the accurate prescription; or
(3) The prescriber fails to communicate with the seller within eight (8) business hours after receiving from the seller the information


Private label contact lenses mean

contact lenses that are sold under the label of a seller where the contact lenses are identical to lenses made by the same manufacturer but sold under the labels of other sellers.


Prescriber means, with respect to contact lens prescriptions, are....

an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or other person (dispensing optician) permitted under State law to issue prescriptions for contact lenses in compliance with any applicable requirements established by the Food and Drug Administration.


A dispensing optician, optometrist, or physician and surgeon shall dispense shatter-resistant materials to

-person whose sight is limited to one eye,
-person who is a member of the CHP or of a county sheriff's office,
-a city policeman,
-person who is a fireman employed by the fire department of a city, county, or fire protection district
-person who is under 18 years of age


Contact lens prescription shall have what information for complete and accurate filling

-the name of the patient
-the issue date and expiration dare
-prescriber information
-the power
-the material OR manufacturer OR both
-the BC
-expiration date


Contact lens prescription shall have what in formation for complete and accurate filling

-the power
-the material OR manufacturer OR both
-the BC
-expiration date