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You have a patient with Unilateral idiopathic iritis, what are the treatment guildlines for him/her?

Using corticosteroid treatment, follow up in 3days, if worse, Consult. And If not resolved in 3 weeks, refer out. If recurrent with one year, refer out also.


You are treating a patient suffering with ocular allergy , if treated with topical steroids, following the third week, patient got worse, you should then ....



If your patient came in with recurrent episcleritis , you should then.....



Which conditions you shall consult with an ophthalmologist if it got worse within 72 hours treating with corticosteroids ???

1-Unilateral nonrecurrent nongranulomatous idiopathic iritis
3-Peripheral corneal inflammatory keratitis, excluding Moorens and Terriens diseases,
4-Traumatic iritis,


If after 3 weeks, your 19 yr old patient with idiopathic iritis, is not healed, your next step is...,



The Patient with idiopathic Iritis has been on medication for 6 weeks already , it’s time to ....

Refer out


Your patient’s viral keratitis has not been resolving following up after 3 weeks, what you should do next?

Shall refer to ophthalmologist


You are treating patient with viral keratitis with anti-virals and condition is not improved in 7 days, what the next treatment plan

Shall refer to ophthalmologist


Your patient was diagnosed with traumatic iritis last week and he is still on meds, what’s the next treatment plan for him ?

Shall be referred


Your returning patient has the same diagnoses as last year , inflammatory keratitis on his right eye, is there anything you should do regarding his treatment plan?

Consult with an ophthalmologist


The three conditions that you should refer if not improved within 48 hours are......

1-central corneal ulcer
2-preseptal cellulitis


Your patient with viral conjunctivitis is back after 3 weeks of treatment, if you concluded that is not yet resolved, you should then ....

Shall refer to ophthalmologist


Patient diagnosed with varicella zoster viral dermatitis and was treated with anti-viral, after three weeks, condition is not resolved yet, what is the next treatment plan

Refer to ophthalmologist


A week after you diagnosed your patient with viral dermatitis, you seeing that it got worse , anything you should do after?

Need to consult with an ophthalmologist


After seven days of treating patient with viral conjunctivitis, condition got worse, what is the next step

Should consult with an ophthalmologist


Your diagnosed your 15yr old patient with unilateral nongranulomatous idiopathic iritis, how do you treat.

We don’t . We should refer this patient cause not 18 and over.


you patient with pain is back after 3 days and wants you to write another prescription for Vicodin, should you write another?

No, Shall refer to ophthalmologist


Your pediatric patients, 11yrs and under ( under 12yrs old) shall be referred out if they are diagnosed with which three type of conditions?

infection of the lacrimal gland, the lacrimal drainage system, and the sclera


If a patient has an inflammation a month following her cataract surgery, you should then

Refer out or consult if co-managing with physician


Your pediatric patient was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma , what are the guildlines?

We refer out , we only treat if over age of 18


We are held to the same standard of care as we treat and diagnose eye diseases as .....

Other physicians and surgeons and osteopathic physicians and surgeons are held


You are only limited to treat which type of Glaucoma conditions?

-All open angle glaucoma
-steroid induced glaucoma ( new law)


Your patient is having a acute attack of angle closure, what you shall do before you refer out the patient?

Stabilize if possible


You diagnosed your patient with episcleritis , what are the treatment guidelines?

If conditions gets worse after 72hrs ( 3days), or didn’t resolve in 3 weeks , Consult .
And if pt still taking meds for 6 weeks, refer


If patient has been diagnosed with peripheral corneal ulcers, You can only consult your treatment plan if the location of the ulcer .....

Lies outside the central 5mm diameter of the cornea


In order to avoid negligence an OD shall do what if diagnoses a patient with metal foreign body in his eye?

Must order CT or B-scan of the orbit or ultrasonographic biomicroscopy in order to avoid missing the diagnoses of an intraocular foreign body.


In order to remove a foreign body, you need to be certain that the foreign body is ...

Nonperforating and no deeper than mid-stroma.
And cannot use scalpel to remove the foreign body.
You can use needle ( new law)


Your patients needs punctual occlusion for her treatment of dry eye, what can a licensed OD use to occlude her puncta?

ODs permitted to use only plugs, dissolvable or permanent as far as odyssey parasol plugs or form fit hydrogel and other types..


Before removing sutures, an OD needs to what prior ?

consult with the treating physician .


In order for a licensed OD to practice telemedicine, should obtains what from patient prior.?

Proper verbal and informed consent and with strict confidentiality