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What do you think the author means by Charlotte had been proving herself her whole life? Give text evidence.

Charlotte worked really hard to become a coach driver. After she hurt her eye, it said that she would have to start all over.


What evidence shows that Charlotte has great determination?

She tried to do ten perfect runs.


What is the setting of the story? How do the illustrations show that life was different back then?

The setting is California. The illustrations show people in fancy clothes.


Which events in the story would not have happened in a modern setting?

There wouldn't be coach drivers, Charlotte wouldn't have needed to disguise herself as a boy, and the bridge would've been stronger.


Does Charlotte have a sense of humor? Give text evidence.

Yes, because she used lots of personification.


Besides determination, what other trait does Charlotte show in her conversation with James? Support your answer with text evidence.

She shows courage, because she wants to drive the bridge run, rain or shine.


How does the author make the dialogue fit the story setting? Explain.

The dialogue refers to coach driving.


What traits do Charlotte's actions show about her? Explain and give details.

They show courage because she drove across a collapsing bridge.


What happened when Charlotte drove her first coach with passengers?

She saved them all from drowning.


Do you think Charlotte was right not to let the man stay in the coach? Support your answer with text evidence.

Yes, because the bridge couldn't take on his weight.


What does the author mean by "moans of the wood"?

He means that the wood was making a moaning noise.


What kind of mood does this personification add to the scene?

A curious mood.


In which sentence does the author use personification to describe something?

Listening to the moans of the wood.


What is personification?

Giving human characteristics to a nonliving thing.


Does Charlotte show her understanding of horses as she waits for the lightning?



What is instinct?

Reacting to something without thinking.


What is the one thought that Both Charlotte and the passengers share as they came to the bridge?

It can't hold our weight.


What do you think Charlotte is feeling at the end of the story?