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Why do you think Sandy Welch might be a good puppy raiser? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

She has a dog of her own.


What does the word retrieve mean?

To get something.


Why do you think retrieving things is an important skill for service dogs to learn? Explain, using text evidence. List the page where it was found.

So that if their master drops something and cannot see it, the dog can get it. Page 503


What does access mean in wheelchair access symbol?

It means that the symbol is on a button that allows people in wheelchairs to access the building.


Why might the symbol be better than words?

Because guide dogs can recognize symbols, but not words.


What does distracted mean?

It means to not be focused on what you should be focusing on.


Why must service dogs learn not to be distracted?

It's dangerous for the owner.


Why do you think a classroom is a good place for Ira to learn skills? Give examples from the text.

The children can teach him to come when he is called, and he can learn not to be distracted around children.


Do you think it's a good idea for children to learn about service dogs? Support your answer with text evidence.

Yes, because it's never a good idea to pet a service dog, and children usually have an urge to pet dogs.


Service dogs help people who have difficulty moving around or hearing, while guide dogs help people who are blind. In addition to assisting with crossing the street, what are some other skills a guide dog might need to learn that a service dog would not?

They might need to help their owners find their belongings.


What is intelligent disobedience?

It's when you shouldn't follow someone's orders.


Why does a guide dog need to learn intelligent disobedience?

So that it doesn't put its owner in a dangerous situation.


Why do you think Don is willing to take a long trip to attend Sandy's students' graduation? Support your answer with text evidence.

Sandy's students' helped train Ira.


What happened when Ira was about eight weeks old?

He met his puppy raiser.


What was the first task Ira learned to preform?

Retrieving keys.


What does the word companion mean?



When was Ira's name Changed to Irah?

When she went to a