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Which union member is appointed or elected to be the first line of labor representation in the workplace*

Shop steward


Step_____ initiates the formal part of the grievance procedure



How many days is a supervisor given to reply to a written grievance







How many days is a supervisor given to reply to a written grievance

10 days


In the context of risk reduction who is in the best position to identify the needs of an individual

A. Public education staff
B. Firefighters
C. Inspectors
D. Company officers

Company officers


What is the term for the type of needs that the fire department can address by developing programs to reduce risk such as a bicycle helmet safety campaign


Risk management





A CERT Course consists of how many training sessions



What are the steps in establishing a local public education program

1. Identify the fire life safety problem
2. Select a method
3. Design the program
4. Implement the program
5. Evaluate the program


What is the primary focus of the risk watch program

All-hazards risk reduction

Injury prevention

Disaster preparedness

Fire prevention

Injury prevention


What are the five steps for the process of decision making

1. Define the problem

2. Generate alternative solutions

3. Select a solution

4. Implement the solution

5. Evaluate the results


What does Peter Drucker say about questioning the value of any given organizational activity

To allow it is the beginning of organizational unraveling.

Efforts should be directed toward demonstrably troubled programs.

Such questioning should be done once a year.

While it is a necessary function, such questioning can be done only by an outsider to the organization.

Such question should be done once a year


What are the steps in brainstorming

Right out the problem statement
Give the group 15 to 25 minutes generate ideas (4-16gr)
Fire officer scribes
No commenting on ideas, everyone contributes
Select the best five ideas
Right out five criteria for judging
Rate to five alternative solutions
Add the scores for each idea


What is usually the longest time a brainstorming session should last for a group of 4 to 16 people

10 to 12 minutes

16 minutes

15 to 25 minutes

1½ to 2 hours

15 to 25 minutes


What is one of the factors that distinguish fire officers from firefighters?

The responsibility to act as an agent of the formal organization

A high level of accountability for their actions

Having a duty to act

Having a standard of care

The responsibility to act as an agent of the formal organization


What is the best implementation strategy for a solution that will require significant behavioral change on the part of those tasked with implementing it

Make every effort to minimize the impact.

Sell the program to get willing participation.

Use the coercive power of the formal organization.

Make participation voluntary.

Sell the program to get willing participation


What are the steps and Michael Taigmans conflict resolution model

Drain the emotional bubble
Understand the complainant viewpoint
Help the complainant feel understood
Identify the complainants expectations for resolution


When should a fire officer tell a complainant that certain actions will be taken?


Whenever possible

When it is within the scope of his or her authority

When he or she is sure of the outcome

When it is within the scope of his or her authority


What is the collective term for such a building parameters as overall height, length, width, and number of stories?


Plot plan

Structural parameters

Physical elements

Physical elements


When developing a pre-incident plan for an occupancy store and hazardous materials, it is of particular important to determine the____

location of the MSDS

maximum inventory of the materials

source of the products

UN/NA identification code

Maximum inventory of the materials


87. A facility that has an evacuation or emergency operations plan should provide the fire department with____ as soon as command is established***

a liaison

access to the public address system

a schematic of the private fire protection system

facility-specific protective ensembles

A liaison***


During pre-incident planning, which approach should be taken when there are hindrances to data collection**

Start with a basic plan and add to it over time.

Fill in missing areas with standard values.

Shelve the plan until all the needed data are available.

Start with what is available and make educated guesses on what is missing.

Start with a basic plan and add to it overtime**


A______ shows the exterior of the structure, site access, doors, utilities access, and other aspects of the building

site chart

exposure chart

plot plan

topographical assay

Plot plan


Which of the two are legally enforceable, fire code or building code

Both a fire code and a building code are legally enforceable


Which NFPA standard provides information on preincident planning

NFPA 1001

NFPA 1500

NFPA 1620

NFPA 1981

NFPA 1620***


Which type of drawing shows interior views of a building, including rooms, hallways, and cabinets drawn in the correct relationship to each other?

Gradient view

Floor plan

Interior layout

Plot plan

Floor plan


coercive power

Coercive power is defined as the use of force to get an employee to follow an instruction or order, where power comes from one’s ability to punish the employee for noncompliance. This power is in use, for example, when an employee carries out an order under fear of losing their job or their annual bonus. In effect, they are forced to perform the task.



A plot plan is an architecture, engineering, and/or landscape architecture plan drawing—diagram which shows the buildings, utility runs, and equipment layout, the position of roads, and other constructions of an existing or proposed project site at a defined scale.[1] Plot plans are also known more commonly as site plans. The plot plan is a 'top-down' orientation.


17. Which role is a company officer most likely to play in risk reduction?

Connecting individuals with resources

Program development

Program evaluation

Risk analysis

Connecting individuals with resources


27. As of 2013, how many CERT programs were listed with the federal government?







32. Ongoing skills refresher sessions are of particular importance for which type of public education program?

Risk Watch


Learn Not to Burn

Smokey Kids