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What are triacylglycerols broken down into and by what

Monoglycerides by lipases
-lipases found in the lumen of the small intestine
-done to get them out of the lumen


monoacylglycerides and fatty acids are then converted into ??

Converted back into triacylglycerides


The regenerated Triacylglycerides get turned into??

-they are packaged with cholestoral


The chylomicrons go to??

The adipose tissue for storage


Who stores the most energy



How do triacylglycerides make a bunch of ATP?

1. they get converted to fatty acids and glycerol by lipases
2. The fatty acids get converted to acetyl coa and do the CAC
3. The glycerol can go through glycolysis or gluconeogenesis


What is the first thing you need to do for Beta oxidation of fatty acids

-you need to activate it by hooking it up to enzyme CoA making it fatty acyl CoA
-uses up two atp


The steps after the fatty acid is activated

-two oxidations
1 (as a result fad->fadh2)
2 (as a result nad->nadh)

-the last steps chops off two carbons and converts them into acetyl CoA. It keeps chopping two carbons off until it is all converted into acetyl CoA

These will be cashed into electron transport chain later


Do you get more energy from a saturated or unsaturated fatty acid?

-you dont have to do the one step that creates a double bond like we have to with saturated fatty acids because it already has a double bond
-you get one less fadh2 which means 1.5 less ATP


If you have an 18c saturated fatty acid, how many acetyl CoA can you get

-9acetyl coa through eight rounds of beta oxidation
-every round of bets oxidation produced 1nadh and 1fadh2
----fir 8 rounds you get 8nadh and 8fadh2
-the 9 acetyl coa go through the krebs cycle..
----for every acetyl coa you get 1gtp, 2co2, 3nadh, 1fadh2
-So for 9 acetyl CoA 9atp, 27nadh, 9fadh2

TOTAL: 35nadh = 87.5atp
17fadh2 =25.5atp
-2 atp for activation