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What is an Extranet?

An Extranet is a private part of a network that still has access to the internet. It only allows authorized users to access it.
For example, a hotel booking company may use an extranet to allow hotel owners across the country to log in and update their hotel's information.


What is an Intranet?

An intranet is not connected to the internet, it is only accessible to authorized users within an organization.

A school might use an intranet to display upcoming test dates, recent results or future events such as the Christmas quiz or summer disco. Only users logged into the school computers can access the intranet, it is not intended to be seen by anyone else.


What are static web pages?

Static web pages contain content that is pre-built and remains the same each time the page is loaded

Static web pages are cheaper and easier to create and load quicker; they use HTML.


What are dynamic web pages?

Dynamic web pages are generated when they are loaded and can appear different to different users.

Dynamic web pages are harder to code but they can be linked to databases to allow them to show personalized content to whoever is viewing the site; they are written in server-side languages like PHP.


What are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds (short for Rich Site Summary) allow users to subscribe to updates from their favorite websites.
It is a web feed that updates whenever a subscribed site releases new information.