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How to maintain Integrity and Data security within tables & Spreadsheets

Record locking:
Only one user can make edits at any one time
Upholds CIA.


What is sensitive data and it's sub-types?

Sensitive data must be protected from unauthorised acess to maintain the privacy and/or security of an indiviudal or organisation.
--> Personal Information
Personally identifiable information that can be traced back to an individual.
---> Business Information
Information that poses a risk to a business if obtained by a competitor or te general public. Such as trade secrets.
--> Classified Information
Information belonging to a government body and restricted according to level of sensitivtity such as government top secret information.


Impacts on holders of information.

Heavy fines
Loss of revenue
Loss of reputation
Loss of productivity
Loss of custom


Importance of good information?

Can transform the way business works
Aids decision making
Helps innovation
Helps to mitigate business risks


Consequences of poor information?

Loss of reputation
Loss of finance
Lack of response to potential risks to business


Name the 8 different stages of data analysis

1: Identify need
2: Define scope
3: Identify sources
4: Select information
5: Select tools
6: Process
7: Record
8: Share


Categories of Information used by an organisation?

Management and creation.
Management Information Systems.
Marketing, promotion, and sales.
Financial analysis and modeling.
Contact management.
Decision making.
Internal and External Communication.
Big Data.