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Cultural mix Advantages

-enriches huge areas of London cultural life
-great exposure to other religions, languages and cultural parties
-highlights what a tolerant and Liberal people the citizens are


Cultural mix disadvantages

-ghettoes, how to prevent economically poorer culture groups
-many schools and services need to provide language translation


Recreation and entertainment

-a huge number of museums and art galleries e.g. The National Gallery
-a huge number of concerts and cinema venues
-a lot of sporting events such as Wimbledon Tennis Open



-London is the largest contributor to UK's economy
-London residents are more likely to be employed in managerial jobs


Integrated Transport System

All different forms of transport can link to one another. Includes both private and public transport services.


Integrated Transport System advantages

-integrated cycle network 2 percent of journeys are made by bike
-cheap tickets can be used on most forms of transport
-serves transport network hub for the whole UK


Urban greening

-improves quality of life
-using canals and rivers as waterbird breeding roosts
-urban greening spaces Olympic Village
-encourages people to exercise
-reduces air pollution


Urban Inequality

-social deprivation is a major problem
-2 million people live in poverty
-London has 33 zones and they show huge variation
-wealthy part is Newham and poor part Chelsa


Economic challenges

-loss of London's Dockland and industry led to higher unemployment.
-a decline in manufacturing jobs
-shortages of affordable houses for people


Environmental challenges

-emissions from cars and heating systems
-tall buildings trap the gases and cause smog


Urban sprawl impact

-extra costs to the taxpayers to build new infrastructure
-increased traffic
-environmental issues, urban sprawl destroys green belts