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Natural hazards
Natural hazard,
Natural disaster,
What are two main types of natura...
7  cards
Tectonic plates
The earths surface,
The core,
11  cards
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Where the volcanoes are found,
Volcano at destructive plate margin,
Volcano at constructive plate margin
16  cards
Living with tectonic hazards
Management strategies can,
5  cards
Global Atmospheric Circulation
How does air circulates,
What is a wind,
Differences in pressure
8  cards
Tropical storms
Tropical storms,
Conditions for formation of tropi...,
Spinning of the tropical storm
33  cards
UK weather hazards
Snow and ice
7  cards
Climate change
Climate change,
Ice and sediment cores,
Tree rings
23  cards
An ecosystem,
Nutrient cycle,
Hot desert
7  cards
Tropical rainforest
20  cards
Causes by humans,
Causes by climate change
6  cards
Coastal Weathering and Erosion
Mechanical weathering,
Chemical weathering,
Hydraulic power
6  cards
Coastal Landforms
Wave cut platforms,
5  cards
Coastal Transportation and Deposition
Longshore drift,
12  cards
Coastal management strategies
Hard engineering,
Soft engineering,
Sea wall
8  cards
The river valley
Upper course,
Middle course,
Lower course
5  cards
Erosion, Transportation and Deposition
Hydraulic action,
8  cards
River landforms
Meanders and formation of slip of...,
Ox bow lakes,
Flood plains
5  cards
River discharge and flooding
River discharge,
Peak discharge
8  cards
Hard vs Soft engineering
Hard engineering,
Soft engineering,
Soft engineering methods
4  cards
Changing Economic world
Development gap,
Advantages of dtm,
Disadvantages of dtm
30  cards
Haiti earthquake
When did it happen,
The magnitude was,
Between which tectonic plates and...
7  cards
Japan earthquake
When did it happen,
The magnitude was,
What tectonic plates and what typ...
7  cards
Typhoon Hayian
How strong was it,
9  cards
Boscastle Flood
Primary effects
8  cards
Epping Forest, UK
Winter is,
Used for
9  cards
Amazon Rainforest
Estimated that,
Clearing forest to,
Used for resources such as
10  cards
Western Desert, USA
Houses have,
Water is transferred
15  cards
Coastline realignment in Medmerry
Why was it needed,
The only protection from the sea was,
Beach reprofiling took
16  cards
River Severn
How long is it,
Where is the source,
Where is the mouth
8  cards
Dorset Coastline
It is also called,
Swanage bay
7  cards
River Thames
How much money spend ea on this c...,
What prevents thames flooding,
This reduces the risk of flooding in
4  cards
Urbanisation is happening,
More than
25  cards
Urban growth-Challenges and Opportunities
Social opportunities in urban areas,
Economic opportunities in urban a...,
Social and economic challenges in...
6  cards
Lagos Nigeria
Lagos is the,
Nigeria is a,
A population of lagos
25  cards
Makoko floating school
It has classrooms and can host up to,
The school is environmentally
8  cards
Sustainable urban living
Sustainable urban living,
Water conservation,
Energy conservation
5  cards
UK cities
Most cities are in,
Upland regions such as,
Many coastal areas have attracted...
7  cards
Change in UK Cities
During the industrial revolution ...,
Many industries relocated
11  cards
London UK
Important factors why is london s...,
London growth from the 18th century,
What caused a decline in the 20th...
19  cards
London Opportunities and Challenges
Cultural mix advantages,
Cultural mix disadvantages,
Recreation and entertainment
11  cards
East Village(Olympic Park)
Brownfield site before,
After regeneration,
Obstacles before regeneration
8  cards
Traffic congestion London
The toll was set up in,
How does toll work,
Advantages of toll
7  cards
Kenya Tourism
Kenya is,
Why is it attractive for tourists,
Kenyas government is trying to
8  cards
Trans-National Corporations
Tncs factories are usually located,
They can improve
5  cards
Development in Nigeria
During the 21st century nigeria has
12  cards
Shell in Nigeria
The oil industry is located in,
When did the oil boom start,
Shell work in nigeria to produce
12  cards
Aid in Nigeria
It is estimated,
Many girls and women are excluded...,
Lack of financial services
6  cards
Economic development in the UK
De industrialization caused,
Government policies
20  cards
Sustainable car industry in the UK
Car industry is one of the few,
Nissan introduced new,
Nissan car factories obtain
6  cards
Food in the UK
People want seasonal food,
Increased demand for,
Why is there an increase in deman...
14  cards
Managing the UK's water
Why is demand increasing,
Why is it important to reduce wat...,
The overall quality of river wate...
6  cards
Energy in the UK
Traditionally the uk has relied on,
The discovery of large,
The use of nuclear
16  cards
Global demand for water
Water insecurity,
Water security depends on,
Water surplus
18  cards
China water transfer scheme
Used to cope with,
How much it cost,
It will transfer water form
12  cards
Sand dunes in Kenya
Kenya has,
Most rivers only flow,
In machakos
5  cards
Scatter Graph
It shows,
It easy to,
Shows data spread
6  cards
Pie chart
It shows,
A wide range of data,
Too many segments
5  cards
Bar Chart
It clearly shows,
The scale is,
It does not indicate the distance
4  cards
Located Bar Graph
Shows dist,
If the two sets of data use,
If we use 2 different
3  cards

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