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Is the degradation of land so that it becomes more desert-like(drier and less productive). Soil erosion is a key part of desertification. Soil that is exposed is easily removed by water or wind. The nutrients are washed away and the soil become unproductive.


Causes by humans

-population growth
-cattle farming


Causes by climate change

-lack of rainfall
-temperatures are expected to increase


Water management

-growing crops that do not need much water can reduce water use
-using drip irrigation on crops instead of surface irrigation, means that soil is not eroded and less water is evaporated


Tree planting

-trees can planted as windbreaks to protect soil from wind erosion
-trees used to stabilize the sand
-trees provides shade for growing crops
-decayed leaves from trees gives nutrients back to soil


Soil management

-leaving areas to rest and lets them recover nutrients
-rotating crops that use different nutrients from soil