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What is long term memory?

It is an archive of information about past events and knowledge


Name some cases that support a double dissociation between short term and long term memory

Clive Wearing: good STM, but no new LTM

K.F.: poor STM, but good LTM


What is implicit memory

This is unconscious, procedural memory. Conditioning is a type of implicit/non-declarative memory


What is explicit memory?

This is conscious memory. Can be episodic or semantic


What is repetition priming

Presentation of stimulus affects performance on that stimulus when it's presented again


What are some differences between episodic and semantic memory?

Episodic memory is said to be located in medial temporal lobe and prefrontal cortex, while semantic memory is in the neocortex more broadly.

Episodic memory remembers specific episodes, while semantic memory remembers generalization of episodes


What is encoding?

acquiring information and transforming it into memory


What is retrieval?

It is the process of transferring information from long term memory back into working memory


How can we enhnace our memory?

Through deep processing of information, making it personally relevant, or survival relevant.

Also, imagery, self-reference, generation effect, and testing effect


Why do retrieval cues help?

It improves the match between cues and knowledge and narrows the search set. It enhances our organizational processes


What is state-dependent learning?

You have better memory if your particular internal state at encoding matches the internal state during retrieval


What is transfer-appropriate processing?

Memory is improved if the type of task done at encoding matches the type necessary at retrieval


What is the hippocampus' role in lasting memory?

It is required for consolidation of memories. It has also been shown to be active during retrieval of recent and remote memories


Explain the constructive nature of memory

memory is constructed based on what actually happens plus a person's knowledge, experiences, and expectations


What are pragmatic inferences?

When reading a sentence leads one to expect something not explicitly stated or implied by the sentence.