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1. the primary objective of overhaul is to prevent ___ ___ by locating and extinguishing all remaining hidden fires

fire rekindle (5)


2. _____ is also performed to note the possible point of origin of the fire

overhaul (5)


3. the first consideration in overhaul must be to provide for ____

safety (7)


4. confirm NV energy has disconnected power at the pole prior to overhauling near ___ __

power lines (7)


5. overhaul operations should be performed using __ planned approach

systematic (7)


6. one of the most common, yet most dangerous threats to fire personnel is __ __ almost always present at the fire scene

toxic fumes (9)


7. injuries have been on the increase nationwide during overhaul operations from exposure to toxic fumes. these fumes come from such sources as decomposing insulation, pesticides, and deteriorating PVC, and other hazardous materials. contact with all products occurs through __, ___, or skin and eye absorption

inhalation ingestion (9)


8. personnel must remain in full PPE including SCBA during ___ operations. this requirement per LVFR SOP 405.05 which states that an SCBA must be worn when entering a toxic atmosphere or when a toxic atmosphere may be present

overhaul (9)


9. ____ should remain in place during overhaul operations to assist with cooling the working environment, as well as to clear the area of hazardous gases

ventilation (11)


10. __ ___ carried by truck and engine companies are not an absolute indicator to determine if the area is safe to enter without SCBA

atmospheric monitors (11)


11. it is strongly recommended to place ___ ___ __ into operations during overhaul to reduce the possibility of introducing additional carbon monoxide into the building from gasoline powered blowers

electric PPV blowers (11)


12. firefighters should also be aware of the following dangerous building conditions: walls pushed outward due to enlongation of ___ roof supports

steel (14)


13. firefighters should also be aware of the following dangerous building conditions: mortar decomposed in brick due to excessive ___

heat (14)


14. firefighters should also be aware of the following dangerous building conditions: ___ plates pulled out of trusses due to intense heat

gusset (14


15. firefighters should also be aware of the following dangerous building conditions: exterior signs or other attachments loosened at anchor points by ___ damage

structural (14)


16. LVFR truck companies carry pike poles and rubbish hooks in ___ __ __ __ and ___ lengths

4' 6' 8' 12' and 16' (17)


17. during overhaul one of the first routine operations should be a search for ____ ___

hidden fire (19)


18. while rekindles may occur because of conditions beyond the control of the fire department, they usually occur because ____ was not performed properly

overhaul (19)


19. the firefighter can often detect hidden fires by utilizing the senses of ___, __ and ___

sight, hearing and touch (19)


20. when using the sense of sight you look for

discoloration of material
peeling paint
smoke emission from cracks
cracked plaster
rippled wall paper (19)


21. when using the thermal imaging camera, look for hot spots, if the environment allows, contrast the temperature of a known item for example an ___ is less than 100 degrees

ungloved hand (19)


22. windows used as exhaust openings are exposed to intense heat. check the window frame, especially at the ___ for signs of fire extension

header (23)


23. hidden fires may detected by sight, touch or use of a

TIC (25)


24. the practice of ___ enables ff to detect those materials that are more likely to rekindle so that they may be removed from the premises and completely extinguished

overhaul (25)


25. unnecessary damage to the building and its contents can be avoided by removing heavy ___ ___ material immediately

water soaked (26)


26. proper overhaul will permit critical __ to remain untouched and undisturbed and will permit the safeguarding of other ___ that cannot be left on scene

evidence (26)


27. by recognizing and preserving all evidence of the fire __ and __, the firefighter serves as valuable aid to the fire investigators during the investigation process.

origin and cause (26)


28. a job that is well performed in a manner that minimizes damage will aid in building a __ of excellent service for the fire department.

reputation (26)


29. when given the assignment to perform overhaul, consider the following: perform salvage, remove furniture and small selected items, cover all other items in the area
what 7 items

be in full PPE
provide lighting and ventilation
have a plan & enough resources to accomplish the plan
start near the fire and work out
pull ceiling, open walls when evidence of extension
scoop burnt debris out of the fire building
apply foam/extinguish all smoldering items (27)


30. the TIC has 2 ranges of operation what are they

lower and higher (34)


31. the lower setting on the tic is used when

viewing objects less that 200 degrees (34)


32. the higher setting on the tic is used when

viewing objects above 200 degrees (34)


33. EI stands for electronic integration and is displayed on the tic when the tic is operating in its

upper range of operation (34)


34. is the temperature indicator on the tic absolute

no (35)


35. ___ from the object being measured with reduce the temperature

distance (35)


36. do not point the tic at a heat source in excess of __ degrees F. for an extended time. doing so may result in an after image on the display that could cause temporary reduction in performance of the camera

2700 (35)


37. the TI only sees temperature ___ during overhaul the TI may generate a better thermal image if ff introduce some artificial temperature changes

differences (38)


38. the value of a __ __ in overhaul is threefold. 1st the technology helps identify hotspots ff might otherwise miss. reduces the likelihood of rekindle and limits additional property loss. 2nd identifying specific areas of concern. guide ff to hot spots

thermal imager (38)


Once knockdown is achieved the fire attack crew will attempt to preserve the scene causing as little damage as possible until _________ are complete

Fire investigation (5)


_________ begin after fire cost is determined

Overhaul (5)

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