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4 factors of why we're attracted to others?

physical proximity/environment (the more you see someone...)

mere exposure effect (liking someone merely because you're familiar with them)

similarity (beliefs, values...)

circumstances of first meeting


what is a balanced relationship

When person A likes person B, and A and B BOTH dislike OR like C


what is an imbalanced relationship

When person A likes person B, but
 A likes C but B doesn’t like C, or
 B likes C but A doesn’t like C
When A, B and C don’t like each other


define: matching hypothesis

people tend to form relationships with those who are similar to themselves in physical attractiveness


describe evolutionary perspective of attraction (males and females)

Women prefer to mate with men who would be good fathers/providers

Men prefer to mate with women who could bear healthy babies


define: interdependence

each partner’s thoughts and behaviour effects each other


define: commitment

psychological attachment to the relationship – involves trust, honesty…


define: co-dependent

putting your needs above the other person’s needs


define: independent

being “there” together, but doing own thing – often lacks passion and intimacy


describe sternberg's triangular theory of love

love consists of 3 basic components (intimacy, passion, commitment) – different components combine to form different kinds of love


what are sternberg's 5 types of love

Consummate love: passion + intimacy + commitment (long term)
Companionate love: intimacy + commitment
Romantic love: passion + intimacy
Fatuous love: commitment + passion
Empty love: passion only