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Testing individual nerve root of L4

Disc Level of L3.
Muscle Test: Foot dorsiflexion and inversion: Tibialis anterior(deep fibular/peroneal nerve)
Reflex: Patellar Tendon
Sensation: Medial aspect of let, dorsum of foot, and medial aspect of big toe.


Testing individual nerve root of L5

Disc level of L4
Foot dorsiflexion(tibialis anterior(peroneal nerve) and blank)
Big toe dorsiflexion: Extensor hallucis longus(deep fibular/peroneal nerve)
Toes 2, 3, 4 dorsiflexion: Extensor digitorum longus and brevis(deep fibular/peroneal nerve)
Hip and pelvis abduction: gluteus medius and minimus(superior gluteal nerve)
Reflex: None
Sensation: Lateral leg, dorsum of foot, and middle three toes.


Testing individual nerve root of S1

Disc level of L5
Foot plantarflexion: Gastrocnemius and Soleus(Tibial Neve)
Foot plantar flexion and eversion: fibular/peroneus longus and brevis (superficial fibular/peroneal nerve)
Hip extension: Gluteus Maximus(inferior gluteal nerve)
Reflex: Achilles reflex
Sensation: Posterior aspect of the leg, lateral aspect of toot, and lateral aspect of little toe.


Testing individual nerve root of S2

Disc level of S1
No reflex
Posterior aspect of thigh over popliteal fossa into posteriormecdial calf