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what are the 10 steps of making a diagnosis?

- C/O what is the patient complaining of
- HPC history of present complaint
- PMH past medical history
- PDH past dental history
- SH social history
- O/E on examination
- S/I special investigation
- diagnosis
- prevention
- treatment


what must you ask the patient to obtain the history of present complaint

- describe the pain
- duration of problem
- severity of problem
- exacerbating or relieving factors


what information would you want to obtain when taking a patients past dental history

- patients attitude to dentistry (regular attender or not, last treatment)
- past dental experience


what information would you want to obtain when taking a patients social history

- tobacco and alcohol
- work
- stress
- carer
- occupation


how would you examine the patient after taking their history?

- extra oral examination (muscles, joints, nodes, symmetry, aesthetics)
- intra oral examination (signs of disease, soft and hard tissues, lister-percussion, palpate)


what special investigations may you carry out?

- sensitivity or vitality test
- mobility test
- radiograph
- plaque score
- biopsy


what might a provisional diagnosis be?

- trauma
- idiopathic
- inflammatory
- neoplastic
- autoimmune