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what is periodontology?

study of periodontal tissues in health and disease; including the causes, prevention and treatment of diseases of the periodontal tissue


what is the periodontum/periodontal tissues?

- gingiva
- root cementum
- alveolar bone


what is periodontal disease

group of diseases affecting the periodontal tissues, representing an immune reaction (innate and adaptive) to adjacent microbial plaque


name some plaque retention factors

- calculus
- dental restorations
- carious cavity
- partial dentures
- orthodontic appliences
- mal positioned teeth


what is inflammation and what are the signs of it?

responser of living tissue to injury
- dilation of BVs
- increased permeability of vessel walls
- inflammatory exudate
- emigration of WBCs from BV to connective tissue


what are the signs of gingivitis?

- erythema (redness)
- swelling
- bleeding on gentle probing
- apical migration of junctional epithelium


what are the signs of periodontitis?

- apical extension of gingival inflammation resulting in destruction of connective tissue attachment
- apical migration of junctional epithelium
- bone loss
- true pocket formation
- tooth mobility


what is the difference between true and false pocketing?

false - gingival swelling
true - loss of attachment


what are the risk factors associated with periodontal disease?

smoking, genetic, diabetes, stress


what is the treatment for periodontal disease?

- plaque control
- removal of plaque retention factos
- tooth brushing technique
- periodontal therapy