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Where is the most common location for a primary hepatic tumour to metastasize to?

The lungs


Where are the most common primary tumour locations in secondary hepatic tumour

Colon, pancreas, lung and breast


Most common disease/risk factor in hepatic tumour

Hepatitis B or C


What are aflotoxins

Toxic chemicals released by certain aspergillus molds in decaying food such as grains, peanuts and vegetables. They are risk factors for hepatic tumour


What is the most dangerous aflotoxin and why

Aflotoxin-B1 and it mutates the p53 tumour suppressor gene


Why is hepatic carcinoma usually symptom-less

Symptoms are often masked by cirrhosis


What is a common examination finding in secondary hepatic cancer

Multiple palpable focal point on the liver


What is budd chiari, how does it happen in hepatic tumour and what are the symptoms?

Blockage of the hepatic vein/s and it is blocked by a metastasis. It causes an increase in liver pressure, abdominal swelling (ascites) and hepatomegaly


Histology of hepatic cancer

Bile, small cancer cells invading large hepatocytes


What is alpha fetoprotein

A protein found in fetal plasma but decreases in adults. This is sometimes produced by the tumour


What else increases in the blood with a hepatic tumour

ALP, GGT, erythropoiten, insulin like growth factor and parathyroid.


How to diagnose

Both CT and US are good but angiography is gold standard as it shows tumour vascularity.


Treatment of hepatic cancer

Surgery if possible, radio and chemo not effective and liver transplant.