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What is required for the creation of vaccines?

The mechanism of the disease must be known


How is gene polymorphism important in immune responses?

MHC-antigen presentation dictates how the immune system responds


What are the 3 mechanisms by which tumors are recognized?

-Mutant surface protein
-Overexpression of protein
-Modified proteins


What does the survival of tumors indicate?

They cannot be recognized by the immune system or they have mechanisms to thwart the immune response against them


What is the importance of CCL21?

It is secreted by tumors to converts cells into Tregs


What is the only remaining defense once tumors thwart T cell responses?

NK cells


What is PD-1?

Programmed death receptor that acts as an inhibitor of T cells distinct from CTLA-4


What do some tumors display to interact with PD-1?

PDL-1 and 2


What happens when PDL-1/2 engages PD-1?

The T cell is killed or paralyzed


What is the function of immune checkpoint therapy?

Monoclonal Ab are used to block all T cell inhibitory signals to both CTLA-4 and PD-1 and PD-1 L to block the tumor’s defense