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1. Other than paying bills, the self-service feature on allows for customers to do these 3 items.

a. Add/remove services, Obtain troubleshooting help, Install service using a SIK: Account Preferences; username and password changes; cancel appointments.


2. Mathematically, this is the number of items the base is multiplied by itself.

a. Exponent


3. The state of electrical current in a circuit when polarity is periodically reversed.

a. Alternating Current


4. What is another name for star wiring configuration? (each outlet is fed directly from a central location)

a. Homerun wiring configuration


5. A term for calls that originate and terminate in the same local access and transport area. (for example, 281-xxx-xxxx calls 281-xxx-xxxx)

a. Intra-LATA


6. This company launched dual-tone multi-frequency signaling under this registered trademark.

a. Western Electric under Touch-Tone Dialing trademark


7. This telephone line, which is dedicated to a specific subscriber, sends signals through the system based on a subscriber making and receiving calls.

a. Subscriber line


8. An X1 feature allowing customers to stream both live TV and On Demand programs within their home network.

a. IP Streaming on X1


9. The set-top box records 4 programs while watching a 5th.

a. XG1


10. This App lets customers have access to their scheduled appointments on both their mobile devices and X1 Apps screen from X1 box.

a. MyAccount App


11. A corrected map that represents additions to or changes in information on the design map.

a. As-Built Map


12. Solar emissions, lasting just a few minutes, happen twice a year in these two months.

a. March and October


13. This impairment is typically an overdrive, or over modulation of a single digital carrier.

a. Spectral Regrowth


14. Name the process of connecting an RF remote control to a specific device.

a. Pairing


15. A XG1 has this amount of recording space.

a. 500GB


16. The Xfinity On Demand transport bar allows customers to fast forward or rewind in how many speeds.

a. 4


17. On the X1 Entertainment Operating System, other than Facebook and Pandora, these 2 Apps allow for a more customized experience.

a. Photos and Headlines


18. Customers can designate these for all kinds of account activity including PPV and Malware.

a. Alerts


19. These can be found on the Xfinity Youtube Channel, on the On-Screen Guide, on XFINITY on Demand and on

a. Self-help videos


20. This will find titles, genres, actors, and display alternatives.

a. X1 Advanced Search


21. Comcast’s fastest residential Internet speed tier.

a. Extreme 505


22. The three (3) successful phases for successful implementation of the X1 platform.

a. Installation, Activation, Remote Pairing/Programming


23. Our “Central Brand Promise” slogan to our customers and ourselves that focuses on innovation and moments that inspire us to re-imagine entertainment.

a. “The Future of Awesome”


24. Three ways a customer can access their account information.

a. My Account: Mobile App; My Account:; My Account: Set-top Box


25. What is the term used in IP telephony for methodologies and transmission techniques that manage the delivery of voice, using IP packets.

a. VoIP


26. This drop hardware must NEVER be placed over the lashing wire.

a. Span Clamp


27. This must be used only when plant design dictates upstream TX to be out of specifications.

a. Reverse Amplifier (will also accept return amplifier)


28. This must be used for underground drops buried at a minimum of 8 inches.

a. Conduit


29. This must always be used to verify the interior metal water piping system is properly grounded.

a. A volt-ohm meter (VOM)


30. The touchscreen mode occurs when AC power is removed from the Touchscreen through either a power outage or the removal of the AC power supply.

a. Low Power Mode (LPM)