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Name the 4 remotes designed to work with the X1 system

XR2, XR5, XR5 v3 and XR5 v4 (Einstein Document ID DG376)


How many shows can the XG1 record at a given time?

4, plus watching a 5th live


How many HDMI ports are on the back of the XG1?

3, 1 output and 2 input (currently disabled)


How do you pair the XR2 remote with the XG1?

Press and hold setup until the red light turns green, then press Xfinity, and then type the numbers that are displayed on screen.


What apps are NOT available on the RNG150, but are available on the XG1?

Pandora, Facebook, Photos, My Account, Xfinity Shop, Xfinity Home, Tips and Tricks and Voicemail


How many programs can be viewed by pressing the Last button on the X1 remote?



This is an assistive technology to customers who are blind or have low vision, presenting an audio description of the user interface.

Voice Guidance


What is the cost associated with Voice Guidance?

Free dollars.


What are the available languages for Voice Guidance?

Currently only English


How do you access On Demand with X1?

Press the Xfinity button or press "1" hen "OK" on the keypad


How many hours of HD video can be recorded on the XG1?

60 hours


How many hours of SD video can be recorded on the XG1?

300 hours


What is the name of the device that is placed at the point of entry that prevents communication with other households?

MOCA filter


How many peripheral devices can stream X1 content simultaneously?



What website do use to access X1 DVR content online?



What service can our customers with multiple X1 DVRs view and manage a single recording schedule from any set-top box in their home, no matter how many DVRs they have?

X1 Whole Home DVR


Allows customers to permanently delete all recordings in the Deleted Recently folder?

Bulk Erase


After what percent of a recording will customers be prompted to delete saved recordings?

85% complete


How can you delete an asset from the "Last Watched" row?

Highlight the show and press the "D" button


How do you activate "Child Proof" on the XR2 remote?

Press the up arrow 3 times then enter 5-6-2-5 (L-O-C-K)


Which remote is this?



Which remote is this?



Which remote is this?



How do you access the Help menu on the X1 DVR's?

Press the "A" button on the remote


Where can you review your home signal strength on the X1 platform?

Under Comcast Labs


What social media apps are available on the X1 platform?

Facebook, Instagram, Flickr


What's the minimum time you can activate the screen saver?

5 mins


What's the maximum time you can activate the screen saver?

5 Hours


How can you skip days in advance on the XR2, XR5 & the XR5v3 remote?

Fast Forward (FF) Button


What site do you access to require initial setup online for some apps?



How do you access the X1 diagnostics menu?

Hold exit for 5 secs, down arrow, down arrow, number 2 key


A new DVR that allows you to record TV shows and movies in "the cloud," and then stream those recordings to your mobile devices and computers, or download recordings to a mobile device while connected to any Wi-Fi or mobile network.

X1 DVR with Cloud Technology


What does the Arris XG1 lack in comparison to the Pace XG1?

Component Output


What does XRE mean?

Cross Run-time Enviroment


What does ECM mean?

Embedded Cable Modem


What is XRE used for?

It's the cloud content that holds poster art and the guide.


What is the maximum length of coax cable between POE filter and MoCA outlets

150 feet


What is the minimum transition data rate (phy rate) allowed between the Media Hub and any Media Terminal?

200 Mbps


What are the steps for a Warehouse Reset?

1. From a powered-on state, press on the Front Panel Power button and hold down for 2 seconds and release2. Press the OK on the remote control3. Press the Right Arrow4. Press the Down Arrow5. Press the Front Panel power buttonIf it is an Xg1, you will see HSE RS scroll across the front panel if the reset was successful. For RNG150's the record light will blink and the box will reboot


The XR2 remote supports?

Pace X1 stbCisco RNGMotorola and Pace HD u-DTA’s


How many tuners does a XG1 have?

6 (5 Active)


What could cause a X1 STB to to fail to reach the activation page during installation.

 a MER of


What is the guide aspect Ratio on X1 HD?



What boxes are NOT supported by the XR2 remote?

Standard definition DTA’s and the Pace Parker box


How many power buttons does the XR2 remote have?



The RF mode of the XR2 remote is specifically designed to do this.

Control the set top box.


On the XR2 remote was color will the power button be when in RF mode?



For RF pairing of the remote:

ControlRF Pairing1.Press and hold the Setup button on the XR2 remote for 3 seconds until the All Powerbutton changes from red to green.2.Press the XFINITY button on the XR2 remote. The TV should now display next step instructions on the screen. If TV does not display any instructions, you may need to repeat this sequence or double check connections.3.Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a 3-digit pair code. Once the code is correctly entered, the remote pairing has been successfully completed.FAQ


Equipment requirements for X1 On Demand Streaming?

Must have an X1 DVR (XG1) or X1 HD/SD RNG150 device.


Where would I find the system requirements of the XFINITY TV website?



The XFINITY TV app requires the following system requirements:

iOS:Requires iOS 7.0 or laterAndroid:Available on all devices running 4.0 or higher


X1 On Demand Streaming is not available on?

Kindle Fire


In order to stream X1 content from their mobile device

Customers must be connected to their in-home XFINITY network


How do you perform a battery check on the XR2 remote?

1.Hold the XR2 “Setup” button down for 3 seconds.2.Press 9-9-93.The “All Power” button will start blinking, four blinks represents very good batteries to one blink indicating weak batteries.


Can I use the XR2 remote for my VCR?

No, the XR2 is not a universal remote, it is designed to operate the set top box and television.


If the XR2 remote will not pair with an STB?

The XR2 is also used with set top boxes that don’t allow pairing. The remote control will use IR mode with these boxes.


Will the XR2 remote control have to be set up again after changing the batteries?

No, the remote control will retain its settings.


How can you Refresh an app on the X1 Entertainment system?

Refresh the app by pressing EXIT on your remote control.


Why do X1 boxes reboot on a nightly basis? 

X1 is a cloud-based technology that allows us to develop and release new features on a weekly basis. The nightly reboot ensures that your device has the latest and greatest firmware and software updates. 


Why are there HDMI ports on the back of the X1 device that do not work? 

The HDMI inputs on X1 devices are currently disabled. At this time, customers are not able to use those inputs, but we hope to enable them in the future.(X1 Document ID TLK1185)


What is MoCA?

Multimedia Over Coax Alliance, or MoCA, isthe name for the technology that enables contentto be moved from set-top box to set-top box, oreven device-to-device within the home. 


What does The X1 Media Terminal set-top box,RNG150N, do?

Streams recorded sessions from theMedia Hub for remote viewing in other rooms. 


What does the Media Hub set-top box, XG-1, do?

Schedules live recordings and deletes recordingsas directed by the customer.


How big of a hard drive does the X1 Media Hub contain?



What are the 4 abilities of a The X1 RNG150N Media Terminal Set-Top Box? 

1) Scheduling recordings2) Playing recordings3) Deleting recordings4) Modifying recordings 


What is required for the X1 DVR and is vital for every installation?

Point of Entry (PoE) Filter


In X1 Installation, what is essential to prevent the MoCAsignal from leaving the home network andimpacting other customers. as well as greatly improving the MoCA network performance.

Point of Entry (PoE) Filter


What are the 5 steps for the installationflow of an X1 DVR?

1. The process begins by verifying thecustomer’s request for the service installand desired location for the Media Hub.2. Next, the technician will need to checklevels on existing set-top boxes, survey alloutlets (active and inactive), fiximpairments, modify the wiring ifnecessary and install the Point of Entryfilter.3. After this is complete, the technician willinstall and activate the MoCA Media Huband Media Terminals.4. Afterward, the technician will need tovalidate MoCA performance data throughthe diagnostic screens and playback.a. If any problems arise,troubleshooting will take place.5. Lastly, it is the technician's responsibilityto educate the customer about the X1 DVRservice. 


If the customer is swapping an existing Non-X1Platform DVR equipment for the new X1 DVR, what does the technician need to inform the customer? 

That they will lose all DVR recordings. 


What is "Premise Preparation" when installing the X1 DVR?

1. Video outlets are home run2. Voice/data outlets are separate from videooutlets at the first splitter3. Place all amplifiers outside the MoCANetwork


After surveying the home wiring compatibility,technicians will need to verify the digital RF signallevel at the MoCA outlets measure between what?  

-8 and+10 dBmV (0dBmV to +15dBmV analog). 


All signal levels for X1 installation should be in compliance with what standards?



What is the last step of Premise Preparation installation?

Installing the MoCA point of entry filter.


What are the five steps of installing the x1 DVR?

The steps are as follows:1. Connect the XG1/RNG150N to the RFsignal.2. Power up the XG1, then any additionalRNG150N.3. Follow all X1 Platform Standard installationsteps.4. Confirm the STB(s) activates and functionscorrectly.5. Ensure that all installation specifications onthe following table are met.


When installing the X1 operating System, what 3 features would the technician need to verify to make sure the devices areoperational?

1) Changing channel    2) Accessing the guide3) Video on Demand


To validate X1 via the MoCA Diagnostic Screen, what would a "True" enable identifier indicate?

That the the interface is enabled and a MoCAlink is formed.


To Validate X1 Via the via MoCA Diagnostic Screen, what would a "False" enable identifier indicate?

There is no MoCA communication betweendevices


What is used todetermine if the MoCA connection meetsrequirements?

The MoCA Physical (PHY) Rate


The The MoCA Physical (PHY) Rate needs to be no less than what? 



Why is a MoCA PHY value of less than 200Mbps anissue?

Values lower than 200Mbps will cause slowcommunication between terminals and/or issueswith playback.


What would be a common reason for a MoCA PHY value to be less than 200Mbps? 

The PoE filter was never installed.


What are 4 Key items for an installer to address with the customerregarding terminal x1 functionality? 

1) The Terminal displays the same screen asthe Hub.2) Playback supports “trick play” functionswhich includes fast forward and rewind,pause, etc.3) The Transport bar is displayed the sameway as on the Hub.4) The first time resume is selected on aterminal, it will use the resume point fromhub. Subsequent resumes will use theterminals resume point.


Do existing X1 DVR customers need to havetechnician install X1 DVR with cloud?



Name 5 things off the Preparation checklist that a tech should have prior to installing an X1 DVR.

X1 DVR Materials List1) Safety Gear (i.e., eye protection)2)Standard hand tools3) Signal Level Meter4) XG1 Box X1 Platform RNG Terminal (minimum of 1)5) XR2 Remote Controls (minimum of 2)6) HDMI capable television (to match the number of MoCA units)7) HDMI cable (per # of TVs)8) RG-6 coax to simulate 75-100 feet of room-to-room cable installation (1 to 3 pieces)9) POE/Ground Block (2)10) POE/In-Line (2)11) Power Strips (as needed)12) RF signal source, BRIS compilant, X1 Platform capable13) Splitters (2-way and 4-way)


How Can a customer enjoy his DVR recordings to Go with the X1 platform?

Download The Xfinity TV app to your tablet and smartphone.


Is XB3 is a requirement for X1 DVR with cloudtechnology?

No. XB3 is not a requirement for X1 DVR with cloudtechnology. Customer can use their own modems and  wireless routers. If a customer would like X1 DVR with clould technlogy and would like to rent a wireless router from Comcast than you should always select the new XB3


Must a customer have an X1 DVR in order to receive X1 IP Streaming? 

No. X1 IP Streaming is for X1 non-DVR customers who are eligible for the live TV and On Demand streaming features.(07/10/2014 X1 Faciliator Guide)


If an X1 DVR with Cloud Technology customer has to swapout their XG1, what do they need to be aware of?

And download via the XFINITY TV app and X1 Site atxtv.comcast.net. The recordings will no longer be available for playback on the new set-top box. Once the new XG1 is activated, only those new recordings will be available for playback from the XG1 (DVR device).


Name one of the two websites a customer can go to for FAQ about the x1 operating system? 



Name the top three benefits of the X1 operating system.

1) An interactive TV experience2) Easier search & personalized recommendations3) Record up to 4 shows while watching another


What is the difference between the guide data on the X1 operating system and the guide data on our legacy set tops?

All the data and information sent to the guide on X1 is in real time and is delivered on the Comcast network. It is not resident in the box like with our legacy STB's.  Which will make the guides on the X1 STB's more accurate.


The History Bar displays how many of the last channels or programs you have viewed? 



How do you display the History bar on the X1 Operating System?

Press "Last" on your remote.


Where does the Transport Bar appear?

At the bottom of the full-screen video.


How do you get The Transport Bar to show up on the screen?

The down arrow or any remote key that controls playback


Name 3 of the 4 items displayed on the Transport Bar: 

1) Start time2) End time3) How much you have watched4) Status of your program: play, fast forward, rewind, pause


What is Trickplay?

The ability to rewind, fast forward, pause, etc.


Is Trickplay only availible with one tuner?

No, With only onelive tuner, Trickplay is not available for live TV.(Document ID HOW5686)


If an X1 customer calls in stating their daughter is having asleepover and would like to find a movie that isappropriate for kids and free. What are two ways to suggest to the customer as the easiest way to find this?

1) X1 App voice command and saying "“Showme free kids' movies”2) What other feature could be used? “Search”


Customer Call Scenario: "My buddies are over to watch the game, except we can’t agree on which one. Is there a way to follow more than one hockey/baseball/footballgame and switch to see the action quickly?"What would you suggest to the Customer? 

Sports app.  Launch Sports app on X1 and selectappropriate sport in the drop-down for play-by-playview.


Using the search option on the XR2 or Search on the X1 app, how would you search for a Julia Roberts movie? 

Start typing in Julia Roberts on the keypad on the remote. Use the X1 app: “Show me Julia Roberts movies”


What would you suggest to an X1 customer if they call in telling you they missed the weather report they wanted to see? 

Recommend Launching the X1weather app.


If an X1 customer calls in and wants to know the best channel to follow local traffic, what X1 feature would you recommend? 

Switch to the traffic app.


What is the easiest way for a customer to jump backto a recording they had been watching if they accidentally changed the channel? 

1) Press the Last button to display the last nine shows. Switch to the recording. It will play from where it wasstopped.2) Press "DVR menu."


If a customer calls in advising they accidentally deleted a recording on their X1 DVR and would like it back, what would you suggest? 

Advise to Navigate to DVR Deleted folder andn restore the deleted recording.


How do you permanently delete a show?

Click the trash can. Or, wait 30 days or until automatic deletion, if space is running out.


What are the maximum number of set-top boxes allowed per household?

There is currently no maximum number of set-top boxes allowed per household.


Name 3 of 4 features of the X1 DVR?

Features:• Internal DOCSIS modem• DVR: 500 GB hard drive• 300 Hours of SD and 60 Hours of HD• 5 Tuners: 1 x Live tuner & 4 x DVRtuners


Name the 3 Enabled Connection Methods for the Primary Box– (XG1) HD/DVR STB?

HDMI, omponent Video, and SD


Name Two apps which are not availible on the Companion Box–RNG150N HD STB?

Facebook and Pandora are not available.(Einstein DG346/DG213)


What two features are compromised if you have a SD X1  Companion Box–RNG150N STB?  

1. Mini-Guide – Customers who attempt to view the Mini-Guide will be taken to the full guide view.2. Apps – The apps are not available in SD mode on the RNG150N – weather, Pandora, Facebook, traffic apps, sports apps, etc. 


"Last 9" feature users will see how many previous channels on SD?



if a customer has an SD television set, both the RNG150N andthe XG1 settings will need to be set to what aspect ratio?



What new technology allows you to use one tuner from your DVR to access your programming and apps on a terminal and also use RF remote control functionality?



What 5 apps are accessible on both the XG1 and RNG150?

Horoscopes, Sports, Stocks, Traffic and Weather


What type of connections to the tv are available on the Xi3 terminal?

RF out and HDMI only


Automatically plays episodes from Kids TV series or music videos from specific artists, and will appear for any Kids TV series or music artists if there are 2 or more XFINITY On Demand selections to watch?

Shuffle Play


The ability to share photos from your mobile phone to your X1 devices?

Photo Share


How do you upload photos to your photo share?

Using your X1 remote control, search your mobile phone number and we will send you a text message with a link to upload photos to your TV.


A feature that will allow you to launch the same program on Xfinity On Demand from the beginning of the program, even after it already started?

Restart Notification


What 6 filters appear when you access the Main Menu?

Guide, Saved, On Demand, Search, Apps and Settings


In the Saved menu, get recommendations based on what you’ve watched by selecting this?

For You


Manage option for closed captioning, video resolutions, audio settings and light brightness of your set-top box

Device Settings


Mange option to changing the background darkness level and auto-tuning to HD channels?

Menu Preferences


Allows you to restrict viewing on your TV?

Parental Controls


Ability to receive text notifications on the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System On-Screen Guide.

Text Messaging Notifications


Will provide you recommendations on movies and TV shows that are similar to something you've watched?

"Because You Watched" recommendations located under the For You Section


Power saver mode can be set to what times?

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 4 Hours, 6 Hours. and 8 Hours


What default names are available when in the Device Name section?

Living Room, Master Bedroom, Family Room, Bedroom, Media Room, Den, Guest Room, and Bedroom 2


Allows you to view your Facebook, Instagram and Flickr photos on your TV?

X1 Photo App


Before you begin using the Photos app, you need to connect to your Facebook, Instagram and/or Flickr account using this link?



A new next-generation guide experience that makes it easy to navigate and discover Comcast's endless library of content?

X1 Entertainment Operating System


When was the X1 upgrade fee introduced to our customers?

April 1, 2014


 The X1 Upgrade Fee changed from $99.99 to $49.99 on this date?

September 17, 2014


Using a Xi3 terminal, tuners on your XG1 Hub are automatically released when?

A connected Xi3 goes into Power Save modeA connected Xi3 is powered downA connected Xi3 initiates the playback of a recordingA connected Xi3 initiates a XFINITY On Demand asset


If all tuners are in use when an Xi3 is turned on, customers will have the option to do what?

Select Tune Now and cancel the recording or select Cancel and continue watching the recording in progress.


The DVR Scheduler will continue to schedule recordings on offline XG1s until it receives notification that a device is disabled within this time?

up to 24 hours


How many unique devices can stream stored DVR content at one time?



How many unique devices can be registered on a customer's account to stream and download Cloud DVR content?