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Name some reasons for cohabitation

Marriage is just a piece of paper
It is good for people who have been hurt and not want to marry again
It is a good way of seeing if you are compatible
Divorces are stressful


Names some reasons against cohabitation

Marriage makes your relationship stronger and you’ll try harder to stay together
It is more secure for children
Roman catholics and Protestants believe that sex before marriage is a sin


Name some reasons for sex outside marriage

Contraceptives are available
Not everyone wants to get married
Some religious people believe that it is okay as long as it’s done ina loving long term relationship


Names some reasons against sex outside marriage

Children should be brought up in a secure environment
If you indulge too much is can become cheapened
Many religious people believe god created sex for marriage


What is human sexuality

How people express themselves as sexual beings


What does the bible say about heterosexual relationships

That man and woman should be united together and increase in number


What are Christian views on homosexuality

Some believe that the most loving thing to do is to adapt their teaching to fit a changing world
Others follow Leviticus 18:22 that says a relationship between two men is forbidden


What is contraception

A way of preventing pregnancy when a couple have sex


Name some methods of contraception

The pill contains hormones to stop producing an egg
Condoms drop the sperm reaching the egg and stops the spread of STIs
The coils stops a fertiliser egg being implanted - some believe it is a form of abortion
Sterilisation of a man or woman is a permanent method
Natural methods include only having sex at certain times in the month


What are Christian views on family planning

All Christians agree that gods greatest gift to a married couple is children
It is gods will that children are born within marriage


Name a catholic teaching of contraception

They believe that artificial contraception goes against natural law
They believe that sex is for making children and expressing love


What is marriage

A legal union between two people as partners in a relationship


How should couples love each other

“As Christ loved the church”


For Christians, what is the purpose of marriage

To provide a stable and secure environment for family life


Why were some homosexuals opposed to civil partnerships

It seems to imply that homosexual relationships were not as valid as heterosexual ones


What does marriage involve for Christians

Their ability to create new life in the form of children


What are the rules with churches and homosexual marriages

They aren’t forced to conduct same sex marriages against their beliefs


What was marriage from god

One of his gifts at creation


What do one man and one woman become through marriage

“One flesh”


What does a couples physical intimacy express

Their love


What percentage of all marriages end in divorce

42 percent


How long after marriage is divorce allowed

One year


A legally recognised civil divorce must be obtained through where



Name some reasons why marriage can fail

People changing and growing out of love, abuse, adultery, work and money pressures


What can lead to arguments and instability for children

A lack of communication


How do Christian churches prevent this

Offering courses that prepare couples for marriage


What was Jesus’ teaching about divorce

Anyone who divorced and remarried was committing adultery


What is marriage for catholics

A sacrament that is permanent, exclusive and never broken


What is an annulment

A Catholic Church ruling that a marriage was never valid


Which catholics are free to re marry

Those with annulments