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Immunity, inflammation and infection-

Healthcare associated infections


Stool Examination

  • may be used to check for blood, parasites, bile, pathogenic organisms, fecal fat, and WBC
  • collect in clean, dry container, no urine- destroys parasites, TP contains bismuth that ibterferes with test. 
  • Deliver specimen to lab immediately, if temp storage, parasite and ove warm, pathogens refrigerated.
  • depending on what they are testing- blood= no red meat 2-3 days before. 
  • drugs salicylate, ascorbic acid, anticoagulants and steroids may interfere
  • if visible bloos and or mucus, include it in the specimen.


Enteral tube feedings

  • confirm placemet of tube before feeding
  • radiographucal is most reliable but not practical
  • PH <5 grassy green, clear and colorless and brown
  • elevate head 30 degress before and after feeding for 30 minutes 
  • stop feeding if patient has nausea or pain
  • dumping syndrome may occure in very fast feedings
  • S/S of dumping: cold sweat, abdominal distention, dizziness, weakness, rapid HR, nausea and diarrhea


Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

  • bypasses the digestive tract, nutrients go straight to blood stream
  • catheter, central venous or peripherally inserted cath in to large vein
  • feeding passes directly to vena cava and RA
  • allows for rapid dilution of concentrated feeding
  • never administer TPN to smaller vein B/C it would cause throkmbophlebitis
  • nutritin can obly be- water, glucose, electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.
  • short term
  • 2 types of solutions used- glucose, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • circulatory overload if infused too fast- changes in blood glucose, or diuresis


types of stomatitis

  • Canker sore ( aphthous) Cause- virus or immune system, tx: topical orsystemic corticosteroids-start tx when earliest s/s begin,
  • Cold Sores (HS type 1) cause- virus, tx: oral antivirals, acyclovir, valacyclovir nd famciclovir. triggers: stress, excessive sun exposure and URI
  • Thrush (candidiasis) cause- candida albicans- yeat tx: antifungals- nystatin- overgrowth of normal flora often triggered by steroid or antibiotic treatment.


mouth shit interventions

  • gentle oral hygiene
  • medicated mouth wash
  • exclude rough or spicy foods
  • use soft toothbrush


Inadequate nutrition

  • high calorie, high protein diet recomended for cancer patients
  • adjust size and texture of foods
  • errect position preferred



  • increase LES pressure
  • administer prescribed drugs, that increase LES pressure, neutralize acid, and reduce acid secretions.
  • dietary alterations, changes in position.
  • avoid food/fluid 2-3 hrs before bedtime to avoid aspiration
  • elevate bed 6-12 inches for pt with hiatial hermia
  • monitor wt changes
  • small frequent meals
  • avoid fatty foods, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol
  • avoid acidic and spicy foods


dumping syndrome pt teaching

  • consume low carbs, refined sugar, moderate in fat, moderate to high protein aka keto
  • smaller, frequent meals
  • fluids between meals not with them
  • lie down for 30 minutes


post sx intervention bypass

  • breathing exercises and spirometry, elevate head of bed 30-45
  • skind and wound care, fat skin heals slower so keep skin dry and clean
  • apply fabric between skin tissue to absorb moisture
  • early ambulations and heparin to avoid DVT
  • position changes, deep breathing, and leg exercises, compression devices
  • imging studies need to be done before feeding pt to ensure no leaks in digestive tract
  • water to clear liquids to full liquids
  • 15-30 ml 
  • once solids 800-1200 calories in 4-6 meals high in protein, low fat and carbs, vitamins minerals