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How do you diagnose Cancer for surgery?

Biopsy: sampling of tissue to determine histology and grade of the tumor

Fine-needle aspiration-aspirate cells from a tumor using a needle and syringe

Core-needle biopsy-use a large bore needle into retrieve a small piece of intact tumor tissue

Open biopsy-may remove part or all of the tumor


What is the primary treatment of surgery?

Removal of tumor and a margin of adjacent tissue

Local-simple excision of a tumor and a small margin of normal tissue

Wide-includes removal of the promary tumor, regional lymph nodes and neighboring structures


What is adjuvant treatment?

removal of tissues to increase chances that other therapies can be successful

Debulking-removal of the bulk of a tumor



What is pallative treatment?

attempts to relieve the complications of cancer, improve quality of life

feeding tube, port, ways to elimiate and get nutrition needs


What is reconstructive treatment?

repair of defects from previous radical surgical resecion

breast restruction


What is preventive treatment?

removal of lesions that if left in the body are at risk of developing into cancer





What are the side effects of surgery?

Loss of function of a body part

reduced function as a result of organ loss

scarring or disfigurement

grieving about altered body image or imposed change in lifestyle (loss limb, feel cant go in pubic)