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When is radiation therapy treatment used?

Primary: only treatment, aim is a cure

Adjuvant: pre or post-op to destroy cancer cells or along with chemo

Palliative: control symptoms, especially pain

Destroys cancer cells with minimal exposure of normal cells to damaging effects of radiation

Effective on tissue directly within the path of the radiation beam


What is teletherapy?

Intensity: modulated radiation therapy

Stereotactic body radiotherapy


What is brachytherapy?

Internal-radioactive material placed directly into or near the tumor itself

Sealed source: patient emits radiation for time and hazardous

Unsealed source: systemic (IV or oral), excretions hazard too


What is the preparation for radiation?

Determine tumor extent

Define goal of therapy-currative or pallative

Select appropiate therapy

Define optimal dose

Simulation and treatment planning

Therapy M-F, lasts only a very short amount of time



What are acute adverse effects of radiation?

Fatigue and malise

Skin and hair: may develop a reach as soon as 2 weeks into therapy, alopecia

GI effects: N/V, diarrhea and esophagitis

Oral: change in taste, mucositis, dryness and xerostomia

Pulmonary: dyspnea, productive cough and radiation pneumonitis

Renal/Bladder: cystitis and urethritis

CV: damage to vasculature of organs, thrombosis

Bone marrow suppression


What are site specific effects of radiation?

Brain: memory los, poor cold tolerance, decrease sexual desire, unsteady gait, vision changes

Lung: decrease surfactant, SOB, cough, fibrosis, decrease exercise tolerance

Digestive tract: N/V, decrease appetite, difficulty swallowing, pain, diarrhea, irritablility, inflammation

Reproductive: decrease fertility, early menopause, scarred uterus


What should skin care be like during radiation?

Wash gently with mild soap and water daily

Use a hand hygiene instead of washcloth

Rine throughly

Be sure to protect marking and do not remove

Dry by patting, not rubbing

Do not use any powders, lotions, ointments on radiation site that are not prescribed

Wear soft clothing

Avoid exposure to sun and heat


How do you care for one with sealed radiation?

Private room

Care provider wear dosimeter and should not be in direct care for more then 30 minutes/shift

No pregnant care providers or visitors

Visitors for only 30 visitors per day, stay 6 feet from patient

No children under 16 visit

Linens and dressings stay in room until patient is discharged then disposed of in usual manner.