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What are summers and winters like in the Mediterranean climate?

•Hot/warm and DRYsummers(STH)
•Rainy winters (cyclonic storms/westerlies)


Where are mediterranean climates located?

Located on west coasts(equatorward from marine west coast) Subtropical latitudes (30-40º)


What are the 5 mediterranean regions know as?

The major wine regions of the world


What kind of vegetation types are possible in mediterranean climates?

1. Oak Woodlands - Relatively short oak trees with open with grassy understory
2. “Chapparal”also called “Mediterranean Shrubland” - dominated by shrubs rather than trees


What kind of leaves are in Chapparal shrubland?

sclerophyllous leaves = hard, leathery leaves that reduce water loss; Also able to resprout from roots after fire


What is an important characteristic of Chapparal vegetation? What does it contain?

Chaparral vegetation is fire adapted, it promotes fire, and requires it.“Born to Burn”…and burn it does! Contains volatile oils.


What are some important crops?

Olives, grapes/ wine, citrus, lavender, sheep, goats, cattle