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What are the two types of microthermal climates? How would you describe them?

1. Humid continental - hot/warm summer, cold winter
2. subartic - cool summer, very cold winter


What is the geography of subarctic climates compared to humid continental?

subarctic climate are at higher latitudes or in more continental locations than humid continental


Where are microthermal climates not found?

southern hemisphere.


What are characteristics of Humid Continental?

1. no dry season (thus humid)
2. at least one month below freezing but also hot summer (thus 'continental')


In Humid Continental Climates, what does most winter precipitation fall as? What happens to lakes?

Snow. and lakes commonly ice over.


What are the four major vegetation types in Humid Continental climates?

Grass, Broadleaf, Needleleaf, and Mixed Forest


What dominates the Humid Continental landscape?



What are humid continental climates known for?

Being the breadbaskets of the world


What are the major crops of Humid Continental climates?

Corn, soybeans, wheat, hay


Where do humid continental climate crops primarily go?

The go to feed livestock


In D climates, is commercial forestry more or less important than in C climates? What is the exception?

It is less important than in C climates, except in very cold areas (highest latitudes of Humid Continental), mountains, and wet/ poor soil areas that are unstable for food crops