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What is the geography of Steppe?

1. Deep in continental interiors, far from moisture sources
2. adjacent to deserts, a little more rain than desert
3. many in rain shadows of high mountain ranges


What is the geography of mid-latitude (cold) steppe?

Relatively simple landscapes: short grass, sparsely settled, mostly wide open spaces!


What is the biome like in steppe?

short grass, grazers, and predators


What kind of animals like in Steppes?

Grazers (llamas, alpacas), rodents (ground hogs, prairie dogs), predators (red fox, coyote)


What is the most important land use in Steppe climate?

grazing/ pasture is major land use....better fit here than in desert. Grasslands are adapted to grazing


What crops are grown in steppes?

Grains grown in moisture areas, and hay (grass) for livestock.


What does desert vegetation do in deserts?

It helps stabilize sand and prevent dune migration


What does low latitude mean?

low seasonality