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. Meiosis involves _____ cell divisions with one _____.

two; round of DNA replication


During meiosis, the number of chromosomes per cell is reduced to _____: the information
that is lost will be replaced when two such cells, one from each parent, merge.

1/2 of the original number


During S phase in the cell cycle, DNA is exactly duplicated so that the cell can divide
without loss of any information. The two duplicate chromosomes that result are called

sister chromatids


Two chromosomes in a single cell that contain the same type of instruction (e.g., eye
color), but not necessarily the same instruction (e.g., brown vs. blue) are said to be _____.
That is, they are _____ of a single chromosome.

homologous; different versions


_____ cells contain both homologous chromosomes. (This doesn’t refer to the number of
chromosomes, it refers to the number of _____.)

Diploid; different versions of
each chromosome


Haploid cells contain only one _____ of each chromosome (although they may contain
two _____).

version; copies


In the first round of division in meiosis, when the chromosomes separate during
anaphase, the _____ separate and the _____ stay together.

homologous chromosomes;
sister chromatids


In the second round of division in meiosis, the _____ separate.

sister chromatids


In meiosis, during the first prophase, four chromosomes (two copies of each _____) come
together in one place. The cluster is called a(n) _____, and the event is called _____.

homologous chromosome;
tetrad; synapsis


During synapsis, homologous chromosomes are broken and patched back together in
such a way that they _____. This is called _____. This gene-shuffling greatly increases
the genetic diversity of the offspring that are produced by sexual reproduction.

exchange pieces; crossing over


Synapsis and crossing over occur during _____ .

prophase I (or 'prophase of the
first division')