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Name the meninges

Dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater


Describe the dura mater in the skull

2 layers, endosteal is similar to the periosteum, inner meningeal layer
Usually fused but sometimes separate to form sinuses for venous blood drainage


Describe the dura mater in the spinal cord

Continuous with meningeal dura, separated from the periosteum of spinal vertebrae by loose fatty CT that contains the internal vertebral venous plexus


What is the falx cerebri?

Fold of dura in the mid saggital plane between the 2 hemispheres


What is the tentorum cerebelli?

Dura that covers the cerebellum and supports occipital lobes. Attached to petrous temporal bone and occipital bone


What is the falx cerebelli?

Small vertical fold of dura between two cerebellum hemispheres (attaches to occipital bone and tentorum cerebelli)


What happens to the dura when cranial nerves leave the skull?

Blends with epineurium


What is the blood supply to the dura?

meningeal arteries
Middle meningeal artery lies between meningeal and endosteal layers of dura


What is in the subarachnoid space?

CSF and cerebral vessels, cranial nerves also pass through


What are arachnoid granulations?

Protrusions of arachnoid mater that provide a route for CSF to return to blood, found in venous sinuses (esp. superior sagittal sinus)


Describe the pia mater

Closely invests in the brain and accompanies cerebral arteries into the substance of the brain


What is a cistern? Name 3 examples

An enlargement of subarachnoid space
E.g. interpenduncular, cerbromedullary and pontine


What happens if there is a rupture of an aneurysm of the circle of willis?

Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Thunderclap headache at back of head


What happens if there is a tearing of the veins in the brain?

Subdural haemorrhage
Occurs in very young and very old due to smaller brains
Slower and self limiting as bleeds into venous sinuses


What happens if there is a minor blow to the head at the pterion?

Middle meningeal vessel damage
Extradural haemorrhage


Where is a lumbar puncture taken and why?

Subarachnoid space (containing CSF) extends to S2 whereas spinal cord terminates at L1 so L2-L4 is safe


What is the ligamentum denticulatum?

Attaches pia mater to dura and arachnoid mater so the spinal cord is suspended in the dural sheath


What is the blood supply of the spinal cord?

Anterior spinal artery and 2 posterior spinal arteries (from vertebral arteries)
Reinforced by segmental arteries from intervertebral foramina
All that enter spinal medulla are end arteries


What is the venous drainage of the spinal cord?

Drain into totuous longitudinal channels that communicate with the venous sinuses of the skull and with the internal vertebral venous plexus