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when was it made

1983 (amended 2007)


what is excluded from mental health act as mental disorders

alcohol and substance misuse. LD unless aggressive and irresponsible


who is involved

approved mental health practitioner, section 12 approved doctor, approved clinician becomes responsible clinician, mental health act manager (lay person), mental health tribunal


section 2

28 days detention for ASSESSMENT


section 3

6 month detention for TREATMENT. can give treatment without consent for 3 months. if at this point still doesnt consent get second opinion approved doctor


what section is for leave of the patient under section 2

section 17. by the consultant


can ECT be given under section 3

cant give if not consented, but can give 2 as emergency


section 4

emergency section


police sections

135- warrant to enter someones property bring them somewhere safe for MHA Ax, 136- allows police officer to take someone presumed mental disorder to place of safety


section 5 (4)

6 hour holding power of the nurse


section 5 (2)

72 hour holding power of the doctor. at end of 72h must have MHA Ax or discharged


what is CTO (community treatment order)

eg if fail to take medicines and relapse come back to hospital.


if patient has been under section 3 what happens after

section 117- duty on health and social services to make sure all needs are met- housing benefits etc, looked after for as long as they need it