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Give a quote from Act 1 Scene 3 where Mercutio tells Romeo to not be held down by love

"Borrow cupid's wings and soar with them above a common bound"


In Act 1 Scene 3, How did Mercutio tell Romeo to treat love and what does this show about Mercutios nature? (give a quote)

"If love be rough with you, be rough with love"

- shows that Mercutio would never allow the heavy burden of love to control him


In Act 1 Scene 3, Mercutio says that "dreamers often...



Analyse one quote from the queen mab speech (Act 1 Scene 3)

"she gallops night by night, through lovers brains, and then they dream of love"

- this shows that Mercutio sees love as a fantasy/dreamscape and doesnt believe in it


How does Mercutio describe dreams in Act 1 Scene 3?

he says that dreams are "the children of an idle brain". This shows that dreams dont show the reality of life


Give 2 examples of sexual jokes in Act 2 Scene 1, that Mercutio says to mock Romeo about his former love for Rosaline?

"quivering thigh...and that there adjacent lie"

"Oh that she were an open arse and thou a poperin pear"


What does Mercutio call Romeo in Act 2 Scene 4, and what does this highlight

he calls Romeo a "hard-hearted wrench"
- this highlights the fact that Mercutio doesnt know about Romeos relationship with Juliet


In Act 2 Scene 4, what does Mercutio call Tybalt (behind his back) and what does this tell us about Mercutios character?

"Prince of Cats"

- This tell us that Mercutio is a bold, fearless character


Give a quote in Act 2 Scene 4, by Mercutio that proves that Romeo used to speak in Petrarchan sonnets

"Now Is he for the numbers that Petrarch flowed in"


Give a quote from Act 2 Scene 4 where Mercutio was joking around with Romeo

"Why then is my pump well flowered"


Give 3 quotes from Act 2 Scene 4, where Mercutio deliberately mocks the nurse

"Her fans the fairer face"
"A bawd, a bawd"
"Farewell, ancient lady"


Give a quote from Act 2 Scene 4, where Mercutio makes a sexual joke about the clock/time and what could this indicate/foreshadow

"the bawdy hand of the dial is now upon the prick of noon"

- Indicates Mercutios sexual nature
- could foreshadow the fact that Romeo and Juliet would soon consummate their marriage in short/due 'time'


In Act 2 Scene 4, Mercutio says "Now art thou Romeo"

Why is this quote important? (state 2 reasons)

1. Mercutio says "now art thou romeo" whilst in the other scenes, Romeo would say "This is not Romeo". This highlights the fact that Romeo knows things that Mercutio doesnt (irony)
2. Could indicate that Romeo's change in behaviour after meeting Juliet is apparent


Give a quote from Act 3 Scene 1 where Mercutio describes Benvolio as a hot-headed person and what does this suggest

"Thou art as hot a Jack in thy mood as any in Italy"

- Mercutio could have really been describing himself through Benvolio


Give 3 quotes that show Mercutio deliberately encouraging a fight with Tybalt, in Act 3 Scene 1

1. "Couple it with something, make it a word and a blow"
2. "Consort, what dost thou make us minstrels"
3. "Could you not take some occasion without giving?'


Give 2 quotes, from Act 3 Scene 1, that shows that Mercutio doesnt care about honour

1. "By my heel, I care not"
2. "mens eyes were made to look, let them gaze"


Give a quote, from Act 3 Scene 1, that conradicts the idea that Mercutio doesnt care about honour

"Oh calm disHONOURABLE vile submission...Tybalt, you rat catcher"


What does Mercutio say upon death? (Act 3 Scene 1)

"A plague on both your houses....Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man"