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This scene is the famous....

Balcony scene


What is a famous quote from this scene?

"It is the east and Juliet is the sun, Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon"


There is a contrast in Mercutio's lawdy language and Romeo's...

Religious language to show that Romeo and Juliet's love is pure


How does Romeo show signs of increased maturity in this scene?

He now speaks in blank verse rather than the rhymed iambic pentameter


Even though Romeo matures in this scene. Who is more mature in the relationship?


"You kiss by the book" Act 1, Scene 5 and se stops Romeo from swearing his love on the 'inconstant' and 'variable' moon


Who makes the arrangements for the marriage?



Why does Juliet compare Romeo to a rose?

Because if a rose was given another name, it would still be a rose in essence


Give a quote that shows Juliet would deny her name?

"Deny thy father, or refuse thy name, and ill no longer be a capulet" This reminds the audience of the problem with their love


What was Juliet's promise to Romeo and what is the technique used here?

"Follow thee my lord throughout the world" Dramatic irony as Romeo follows her to the grave


What does the heightened anticipation of their forthcoming marriage do?

It builds further tension and increases the pace of the play