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What does the nurse say, in act 1 scene 3, about falling backwards and what does this show about the nurse?

"Thou wilt fall backwards when thou hast more wit"

- this shows the nurses lusty nature


Give a quote from Act 1 Scene 3 that tells us what the nurses one wish was and how may this wish have affected later scenes in the play

"I might live to see thee married once, I have my wish"

- contrasts how she really felt after Juliet got married to romeo


Give a quote from the nurse in Act 1 Scene 3 that links growth with pregnancy

"No less, nay bigger. women grow by men"


Give a quote from Act 2 Scene 4 that suggests the nurses view of Romeo when she meets him and why is this important?

"Now God in heaven, bless thee"

- Its important as the nurse would soon come to turn her back on Romeo


Give a quote from the NURSE, in Act 2 Scene 5, that shows Juliets impatience

"What haste! Can you not stay a while?"


Give a quote from the nurse, in act 2 scene 5, where she compliments Romeo

"his face be better than any mans"


What does the nurse say to Juliet in Act 3 Scene 2 to declare Tybalts death and what does this suggest?

"He'd dead, he's dead, He's dead"

- suggests that the nurse cant come to terms with Tybalts death and therefore, may start to have a negative view of Romeo from here on


In Act 3 Scene 5, what does the nurse say that contradicts her earlier comments/view about romeo?

'I think it best you married with the County...Romeo's a dishclout to him'


In Act 4 Scene 4, what does the nurse say to jokingly mock Capulet?

'go, ye cot-quean, go'

cot-quean = housewife
- refers to when Capulet said that he'd be a housewife for the night and take care of the preparations


Give a quote that shows that the nurse cant come to terms with Juliets 'death', in Act 4 Scene 5, and what technique highlights this idea?

'Oh lamentable day, Oh woeful day, Oh hateful day'

- repetition of these phrases suggest that the sadness of the nurse has taken away her ability to articulate her words