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Outline the 3 main things that happen in this scene?

1. Brawl in Verona (escalus speech)
2. Montague parents discuss Romeo's sad behaviour
3. Benvolio advises Romeo to forget Rosaline, Romeo doesn't think this is possible


Why may shakespeare have included the vulgar jokes at the start of the play?

To immediately link sex with conflict to show that love and sex are intertwined with violence and death


Give examples of the vulgar jokes in this scene?

The references to "tool" and "naked weapon", with repeated images of striking and thrusting


In which situations, in this scene, is the rapidly changing pace presented?

1. The chane from comedic interplay to a life threating situation
2, The change from when Benvolio (goodwill) tries to act as a peacemaker, to tybalt forcing him to draw out his sword


What does capulet jumping into a duel with young swordsmen show?

It shows the absurdity of the feud and the gulf between the old and young


What does the oxymorons suggest about Romeo's character?

As he is expressing deep emotions for a woman hus doesnt know, his immaturity and his potential for deeper love is suggested


Give an example of an oxymoron used in this scene?

"Oh brawling love, oh loving hate"


What does Romeo's traditional hackneyed poetry at the start of the play show about him?

Shows him as a young inexperienced lover who is more interested in the concept of being in love


Why does Romeo speak in blank verse as well as rhyme as the play progressed

To show that Romeo's love is different with Juliet than with Rosaline and that his idea of love matures as the play progresses


Where else in this scene is love and hate closely intertwined?

When Romeo described his love as a battlefield in the quote "She will not stay the siege of loving terms"