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what are the main beliefs about the Messiah

means ‘anointed one’
descendant of King David chosen by God will be a great political leader and ultimate teacher of Jewish law


describe the orthodox beliefs on the messiah

every generation has descendant of David with power to be Messiah; he will be directed by God and lead Jews back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple destroyed in 70 AD


describe the Reform believes about the Messiah

Jewish people have the power to bring peace through their actions and acting how the Messiah would act; keeping commandments and fulfilling covenants will help bring us into messianic age


define shekinah

the dwelling or divine presence of God


give examples of when God is shown in the Torah

appears to Moses as a burning bush in exodus
appears as cloud to give Moses commandments


give 3 positives of the shekinah

helps Jews understand Gods greatness as he is so glorious it’s frightening
stops jews anthropomorphising God
allows jews to have a closer relationship with God