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give 4 reasons why the Ten Commandments or importance

God appeared as Shekinah to Moses
shows God as lawgiver
bring jews closer to God
orthodox follow strictly


give 3 reasons why following the 10 commandments is not that important

reform believe they aren’t relevant in modern life
many related to temple (outdated)
impossible to keep all of them


what are mitzvot

actions Jews must perform or avoid


give 3 pieces of evidence that shows mitzvot are important

found in Torah
guidance in Talmud on how to follow them
humans have free will but Jews are born with inclination to do good


what are the beliefs that both orthodox and reform jews believe about life after death

afte death jews go to Olam Ha-Ba
Sheol is a place of waiting or purification


what are the Orthodox beliefs on resurrection

dead will come back to life with a physical body
cremation, autopsies and organ transplants banned as whole body needed for resurrection
some believe resurrection will occur during Messianic age


give 2 sources of evidence for resurrection

in daily prayer and funerals
Moses Maimonides


what are the orthodox beliefs on judgement

God provided jews with mitzvot and judge how well they followed them
reward is Gan Eden
punishment is Gahenna


what are the reform beliefs on resurrection

reject resurrection and references to it are removed from prayers
allow cremation etc
believe in immortality of the soul (body remains on earth soul goes to heaven)
live on in memories , some believe in reincarnation