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define she jonah

the dwelling or divine presence of God mainly shown in Exodus when God appears as a burning bush


define synagogue

a building it place of worship in the Jewish faith


define shabbat

Jewish day of rest and 7th day of Jewish week; Jews don’t work and remember when God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th


define kosher

means ‘clean’ or ‘fit’ ; word used to describe food that is okay for jewish people to eat


define torah

Jewish written law and first 5 books of Hebrew bible


define mitzvot

actions Jews must perform or avoid ; 613 mitzvot in Judaism including 10 commandments


define messiah

means the anointed one; Jews believe he is a descendant of King David and is sent by God to save the Jews


define covenant

a promise or agreement; jews believe God had chose Jews to make several covenants with throughout history